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The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Busy busy busy
Friday evening I saw The Buckle play for perhaps the last time for a while, as the drummer is in the TA and has been called up for service in Afghanistan.  "Sod that" I thought.  I ended up filming the set, which was a lot harder than I expected... even though the camera didn't weigh a lot, holding your arm up in a set position for 35 minutes is a killer!

Saturday morning I got up early (for me) so I could meet G at Becontree at 08:30.  This was hampered by the dire need to visit the smallest room in the house, and my subsequent lateness and the general crapness of the trains made for an unhappy G.  We made it to the Dive Show at ExCel where I got myself a wetsuit, gloves, boots, fins and a bag to put them all in for a reasonable price!  G spent a developing world country's GDP.

Travel back from the show was just as crappy... and what with the dodgy stomach and early start I passed on the planned visit to The Standard to see Who's Who.  We'll catch them next time.

I was informed that lilmizzcheekie and friend (Elaine) would be in London for the weekend... so on Sunday I rose early and braved the trains again and met them for a spot of coffee and a wander.  It took a while to get there (but I wasn't as late as they were!) and longer to get back, but I managed to get home by about 18:30.

I feel asleep on the sofa (but only for about an hour) before giving in and going to bed.

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