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Life on Mars - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Life on Mars
Friday our little department had our "Christmas" outing... for last year (of course!)

We started with a Lebanese meal in Edgware Road... before heading to a bowling alley in Queensway.  The timing didn't turn out so well, last week was half term holidays for many schools in and around London, so the place was packed with children... but we managed to have a very enjoyable time anyway.

Saturday I watched more TV than I've watched in the past month.

I got up at a fairly reasonable time (for me) and put a load of laundry in and grabbed some breakfast.  I thought I'd watch Torchwood while I ate my breakfast... I was flipping through the "On Demand" section of the cable TV when I spotted an ad for Life on Mars that showed a scene I hadn't seen before... which reminded me I hadn't seen the spin off Ashes to Ashes... so I watched Torchwood, then Ashes to Ashes, and then investigated why I didn't remember the scene from Life on Mars to find out that the next series was available!

So I watched all 8 episodes at about 55 minutes each!

During which I did get a couple more loads of laundry done, and feed myself, but that counts for almost 10 hours of TV!... but I wasn't done yet... when the last episode had finished (which had me blubbing I might add) I noticed that "Have I Got Old News For You" was on, and after that I channel surfed and watched Bruce Almighty which I thought I'd seen before, but I had obviously only seen bits before... because I had never noticed that Evan, from Evan Almighty, was in this film as well!

It was gone bed-time, so I retired "up the wooden hill to duvetsville"

Sunday I woke early enough again, and manages to mess about on my PC for a few hours before visiting the 'rents for Sunday dinner.  After dinner we watched a few more episodes of Spooks... Danny died, and Zaf makes his appearance. It is slightly amusing that some of the plot lines are weakened slightly by the fact you know certain characters are going to survive, as we've already seen the last series... but the tension is still good.  Mum seems to think the show puts the female characters in a bad light... but I think the show is quite even handed in showing both the good and bad sides of the characters.  One of the ones watched on the weekend showed Adam torturing a suspect who was involved with a missile launch on London.  The "end justifying the means" mentality being explored: One persons human rights verses the safety of thousands or millions of "innocents"...  it's telling that these shows (probably written and filmed in late 2003/early 2004) are commenting on the publicity surrounding the various techniques the allies used to get information in the Iraq war.

Yesterday I was back at the gym for the first time since before Christmas... before I started the diving lessons.  I have become very unfit in those couple months.  I was running about 3k in 20 minutes quite comfortably in November.  Last night I managed just 1k (in 6:30 - so about the right pace) before almost collapsing!  My lungs felt like they were on fire and if my face had gone any redder I would lit up the room.

I need to get back into the habit of going a couple times a week... and perhaps I'll go a bit slower for a few weeks to get my pace back.

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