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Jinxed - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
This should be coming to you from "sunny" Luxembourg... but it isn't.

This morning I was rudely woken by the alarm at 05:00.  Those of you who know me will have some idea of the pain that causes me.  I dragged my sorry arse out of bed and managed to leave the house just before 06:00.  I arrived at City Airport at about 6:50 to find the boards covered in "CANCELLED"

A little fog and some ice on the runway had brought the place to a standstill.  After speaking to the check-in attendants I learned that there might be some hope... although my plane was cancelled - they were combining my flight with the next one and that might be leaving at about 09:00... they'd let me know at 08:30.

At 08:30 I was allowed to check-in... but the flight was now looking like it would be closer to 09:30... and then 09:50 ... and then 10:30... 10:50... at this stage I would be getting to Lux airport in just about enough time to wait for the flight home... so an executive decision was made and I headed into the office.

Bit of a wasted morning really... especially since it started so damn early.

So Dad doesn't get his baccie... and I don't get a cheap bottle of whisky... but it does mean I'll get home at a half decent hour.  Silver lining anyone?

I am starting to believe I really am cursed with regards to travel.

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