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Holiday? - I don't need no steenkin holiday! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Holiday? - I don't need no steenkin holiday!
Last week was a busy one.  Monday was Lesson 2 of the PADI certification, Tuesday was the auditor drinks (bowling and alcohol courtesy of PWC), Wednesday was PADI Lesson 3, Thursday the company wide Christmas Party, and Friday I met up with a reduced "Supers"

The Auditor drinks was a good night - I always enjoy bowling... although I wasn't exactly at my best.  I'm going to blame a lack of practice... it must have been months since the last time.  My first try was a rather meagre 90-something, my next was a more respectable 119, and by the 8th frame in the third game I was up to 110 (and on a spare) already when we ran out of time.  Not exactly stellar performances - but enjoyable enough.

We retired upstairs to watch the second half of the Liverpool game (4-0!) and play some pool.  Let the record show I beat Thane well and truly (he was sure he'd beat me because obviously I'm an old fart and shouldn't be able to play pool!)

Lesson 3 was great.  There was a lot of focus on buoyancy, some more out of air drills, some knackering "help your buddy out" skills, and the scary looking malfunction of second stage... where your air free flows and you "drink" from the mass of bubbles.  This freezes your teeth but is surprising easy to breath.

The Christmas party was most enjoyable.  We did the usual "meet in a nearby pub and pay for drinks" as a warm up for the free booze at the party.  I still haven't quite worked that one out yet.  The party itself was at the Old Billingsgate - a beautiful venue with good food.  The free beer turned out to be fosters.. so I passed and stuck with the surprisingly good table red.  The main act was an Elvis impersonator complete with Las Vegas style dancers and some rather shady looking "bouncers."  I refrained from making a complete arse of myself on the dance floor... so a good night all round really! :)

Friday I was feeling a little fragile - but a late start due to a well planned "half day" was all I needed to recover sufficiently for the "Supers" night out.  The Supers were a group of people chosen from the lower work pool at S&P in Romford about 5 or 6 years ago who might make reasonable managers (no comment - really!) and were sent on a series of courses to make us better supervisors.  As courses went they absolutely pants... but I did meet some great people and about 5 of us became good friends... to the point that we've kept in touch ever since - even though only two of us work for the firm now.  One of us (Hayley) has recently had a baby... and another (Leena) was AWOL (believed to be in Zurich) - but the remaining three (Dave, Mandy and I) met in the Railway tavern by Liverpool Street.

We later moved to another bar (an All Bar One I believe!) and then on to a curry house, after picking up Mandy's beau on the way.

Saturday morning I was feeling every moment of my excesses for the week... and I rolled over and went back to sleep until it was dark again.  I managed to get a little laundry done in the evening and some WoW played... and a complete website buggered up (anyone know how to get a Apache/Unix site to recognise php pages again?) before heading back to bed.

Sunday I got the 'rents for dinner to find my ton of Blade Runner goodness... all 5 versions of the film plus countless hours of documentaries and commentaries and other stuff ending in -taries

After dinner we watch the 2007 version of the film... then I went home and watched about 3 hours of documentaries.

And this brings me to the title of this post.  Today I'm in work. (still - it's now ten to seven) I was supposed to be on holiday from Friday last week to Wednesday this week.  I have 7 days of holiday owed to me that I have to take before the 31 December... that's with carrying ten days forward...  which means this year I've had about 10 days holiday.  Except I'm still in work because they can't cope without me... so I will be sure to raise this at my pay review in January! :)

I am assured that I'll be able to take these days I'm working "in lieu" next year... but that will mean taking about 40-or-so days... which when you think I couldn't manage 10 this year isn't looking good!

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teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: December 17th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
If I'd realised you were still at work at 7 I'd have dragged you out for a beer instead of catching the 7.34 home ...
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: December 19th, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
You should check ST... I'm always on! ;)
nuala From: nuala Date: December 20th, 2007 01:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Schedule them, and don't give them a choice. Or start taking every Friday off for the next year. Wouldn't that be brilliant. :D Either that or join a union and then make a complaint.
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