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Email from Hema - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Email from Hema
Today has been pretty uneventful. Dave, Tony and Jan are all on holiday. That leaves me and Ian. LJ is playing up *yet again*. I cant sign in with the windows client, viewing pages gives one of a dozen errors every other time, and this is sooooooo slooooooow!
Hema emailed me this morning, she was one of the four of us who was going to do the parachute jump last Sunday. She did her jump yesterday, I enclose for your reading pleasure an extract from her mail:

About the jump - I was absolutely petrified as I got into the doorway and positioned myself (legs blowing in the wind), I can't remember jumping out of the plane but what I do remember was seeing the plane above me and feeling utterly gob-smacked...then realising I was meant to smile for the camera (but by this time, a little late)... then thinking - parachute - looking up and instead of counting 1 thousand, 2 thousand, etc, just looked up (still gob-smacked) and saying open, open, open , open and luckily it did.
The view is fantastic and a word of warning about the landing - the landing zone is peppered with sheep droppings (there was little wind yesterday and so i was able to negotiate my way to a relatively dropping-free zone)

I'm really looking forward to jumping now :)

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