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Geeked out! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Geeked out!
My new PC arrived on Monday.

It's big... all black and metallic... and it runs like diarrhoea off a chrome shovel!

I got home early on Monday night.  Mum had called me in the morning to let me know the machine had arrived and I was keen to get it all set up.  The box was a little bigger than I expected... and when I opened it the PC itself was a lot bigger than I expected it.  Too big to fit in the gap where I had intended on putting it.

After lugging it upstairs into the office I connected it up to the Internet and both screens and switched it on.  All the fans inside came on full... which sounded like a jet about to take off... but they died down to virtually nothing and the machine came on.  It prompted me with the usual crap - I clicked OK to all the T&C without reading a line and finally I got to a desktop again!

I wasn't sure where my WoW install disks were so I browsed the website looking to download it... Providing you already have an account you can download both the original and Burning Crusade installs.  I clicked and waited... the original install moaned about being behind a firewall and gave an estimated download time of 7 days.  The Burning Crusade download estimated a couple of hours...

Windows, being connected to the internet for the first time, started downloading fixes and patches... as did half a dozen other programs.  I was prompted to reboot a few times which began to get annoying... and the original install download was now estimating 14 days to download.

I went hunting for the install disks!  I found them not much later in the living room with all my DVD's (why didn't I look there before!) because that's the obvious place to keep computer game install disks no?

I stopped the downloads, reboot my machine and installed the original wow game.... the the burning crusade install... which was going great until it asked me for disk 4... I only had three disks.

Bugger... back to downloading the burning crusade install.  Luckily it remembered that it had been downloading before so it didn't start from scratch again!

I ran wow and the first of many patches started.  Each patch would take 20 odd minutes to download followed by a restart of the game then it would download the next patch.

I started downloading other programs I was missing... iTunes... Real Arcade... all the while the BC download and patch downloads continued to get slower... by midnight the download speeds were about 5k

Downloading from other places I was getting peaks of 900k.  It was most frustrating.

Wow was patched... so I ran it only to be told that my account would not be let in as it is a BC account... I waited another hour for the BC install to finish downloading.

When I finally got it - and ran it - it spent the next hour and a half patching itself!  I downloaded the cosmos suite and a couple of other "must-have" addons and fired her up...

She runs beautifully... full res, maxed out graphics and still 60+ fps.  I am very happy!

I also found I had an email from Carbonite telling me my backup hadn't been updated in over a week.  It gave me instructions on how to reinstall their software and how I would go about recovering my files if my PC had crashed or died... so that's what I did!

I am please to say that this morning I checked and all my old emails had been restored.  If any of you are considering backup solutions via the Internet then check these guys out - they are not that expensive and I can say they work fine.

I had about 80GB of music backed up... and in the 4 days since I reinstalled their software I have almost all of it back on my drive!

Last night I put a CD in the PC and noticed the lights on the front pulse in time with the music... I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that... but I guess that's cool... right?

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