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Ridden hard and put away wet. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Ridden hard and put away wet.
I ache like a mofo, and my calf muscles are stiffer than a very stiff thing... and I've lost the use of simile.

I got to the Gym about 30 minutes later than usual.  So late that G had already decided I wasn't coming and had finished.  I hate the London public transport system with a passion!

Not all was lost as there was a very pretty young lady on the treadmill next to mine!  I've been trying to run 3km in less than 20 minutes for the last couple of weeks... and last night I got the closest yet!  I managed to complete it in 20:20!  During the five minute cool down I chided myself for not knocking the speed up a couple of notches for the last 2 minutes.

I also managed about 10 minutes on the stair master and a few weights before my calf muscles started to warn me that they were about to fall out with me in a big way.

This morning was bad.  The hot shower did little to help and now I have a constant reminder that I've pushed myself.  In a way it feels good... I just can't wait until it feels better.

G lent me his spare iPod last night - so I didn't have to listen to the Proles on the way in this morning.  I have been unable to put anything of mine on the iPod yet (my PC is still smoking) but that didn't matter as G has very kindly left a couple Pterry spoken books on there... so I listened to Thud!

As I consider a PC a necessity and not a luxury I have ordered a new machine today.  I'm now a couple hundred quid more in debt.  I hope I get a decent bonus in the new year or I am well and truly screwed.

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