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I'm the boss of me... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I'm the boss of me...
I'm sure I've used that subject before... but I don't care!

I'm the only project person in today... which kind of makes me the boss... right?  It's holiday season and a load of the finance people are off somewhere sunny.

I attempted to update Monday, but as it was BD4 and all that entails, I couldn't.  Both Monday and Tuesday were days from hell... nothing unusual there.  Flavio was doing half of the month end stuff... but there were still a whole bunch of missing mappings which doesn't help things get done!

Monday night the pair of us (that is Flavio and I) decided a swift one on the way home was in order... a swift three later and I was feeling a little better about the world!  The music on the jukebox at the Flying Horse was about as varied as anyone could hope for.  The lone "teen" barman (I serious doubt he was of drinking age) was a little tardy at times, but over all a good night out.

There is a new shit storm starting over the CPP feeds - it is becoming increasingly apparent that the data is not complete or particularly accurate.  I am beginning to convey my complete lack of access to their systems which also means I am completely unable to check the data I have.  Their requests for reconciliations might now stop?

Wednesday I had a plan... but like all plans I've had recently it failed quite early on.  The plan was to go to the Great British Beer Festival in Earls Court.  Big Ade and I was going to make our way there at lunch time... and maybe be joined there by Naz a little latter...

... but no.  Big Ade knocked himself senseless while on his stag weekend and is now off the drink... and going to a beerfest on my own? - I've not reached that level of desperation just yet!

It's just as well that in a fit of despair I bought myself a Wii last Friday... and it arrived at my 'rents abode Wednesday morning.  The afternoon and following day I booked off now had another purpose!  I went straight to the 'rents and was surprised to find the Wii is quite a compact little thing.  I enlisted the help of Dad and Bianca and headed home.  When there I eschewed the whole "read the instructions" thing and had it set up in minutes!

Bianca managed to wipe the floor with me at both tennis and bowling to start... but with a little practice my tennis improved slightly, while my bowling still never managed to peak beyond her best score.

We got Dad to play... I think he rather enjoyed the bowling and the golf.  We'll see if this prompts more visits. :)

When Dad and Bianca left I grabbed myself a ping dinner and played about with the Wii settings.  I found the Internet menu and managed to get it to talk to my wireless access point with only the occasional swearword and about 7 trips up and down the stairs.  A laptop in the front room would have been damn handy!  It then proceeded to load an update which gave me the opportunity to finish my dinner!

After dinner I started the "training" mode and sussed out how to bowl straight and practised my golf swing quite a lot... so before I knew it - it was gone 4!

Needless to say I didn't emerge from the bedroom too early yesterday.  I had a shower (my arm seemed a little stiff) and checked my mail.  I grabbed a bit of "breakfast" and fired up the Wii again... today's mission: To reach "Pro" on a sport of my choice...

I started with the bowling as I'd managed to get a very reasonable top score of 202 the previous night.. and I was about half way to target... but I notice now that "average" scores of 160-180 don't actually get me any points towards being a Pro!  After a couple hours of frustration I'd managed to get to 930 (out of 1000) but thought I'd give it a rest and try something else.

Tennis next, and I was storming ahead!  I was winning every game and my skill level was rocketing up... but then the opponents skill level increased dramatically and the rallies started getting longer and longer and I wasn't winning all my games 40-0 any more... in fact I wasn't winning all my games - full stop!  It was with mild surprise I noticed it was already gone 4. 

I gave dad a call - I wondered why they hadn't been knocking at the door at 8:00 - but I found out Bianca had promised a friend she was going to visit her - and you shouldn't let down your friends - even if it means missing out playing the Wii!  Bianca - you did the right thing.  I got myself some lunch and noticed that the earlier stiffness in my arm had spread to my shoulder and back, and my other arm, and in fact it was quite sore now.  I decided that I'd Wii'ed enough and Wow'ed instead!

This morning I can only just move my arm... my shoulders ache dully and when pull them back it turns into a fiery pain.

No more Wii for me... at least until tomorrow!

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sickandpoo From: sickandpoo Date: August 10th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

We had some laughs!

I bet the next time we do that your plan would of worked,you would be wooping my butt biiiiiigggg time!Disappointed about the other day,but I couldnt let her down its just not in my nature.Oh well, hope there will be other times!Hope your arm gets better.Bye Bye xx
yourbandblows From: yourbandblows Date: August 11th, 2007 12:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Wii bowling = so great.
Tiger Woods for Wii is even better!
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: August 14th, 2007 02:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
oooo - thanks for the tip - I'm in need of some sugestions for good games.
3 comments or Leave a comment