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Jumping out of a completely serviceable plane, for fun -[Pt II] - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Jumping out of a completely serviceable plane, for fun -[Pt II]
The second, and slightly shorter[?] part of two of my parachute jump weekend.

Jumping out of a completely serviceable plane, for fun -[Pt II]

Today started ok. I was mildly apprehensive, after all - I was about to do something very slightly mad. I got up at 6, and left the house by half past. The bus journey in was amazing, my bus actually ran 3 red lights - I guess he was late or something. The weather was slightly overcast, but dry with not too much wind. Almost perfect! I met up with Roy and Martin in Romford, and we set off about 7:30. On the way there we traveled through 3 *very* wet patches. Things were not looking so good. When we got there - the weather was appalling. It was raining heavily, and the wind had picked up. If the rain didn't stop - and the wind speed reduced to less than 10 knots, we'd not be jumping. We had breakfast ... or something like breakfast : bacon, eggs, sausages, and mushrooms in a bun.
Our instructor took us through the main drills again. The complete course yesterday squeezed into about 20 minutes. We jumped out of the mock-up of the craft with the pretend chutes on, and we repeated the emergency drills a couple times .... look, locate, peel, pull, punch.
It was about 9:30 by now, and the weather was clearing slightly. The rain was a light drizzle, and the wind had died down to almost nothing. Our instructor looked at the sat pictures, and guessed we might have a break in the weather by lunchtime. - He'd phone the weather bureau and ask for a proper forecast.

The waiting began. Until this point I'd not been too nervous, but sitting and thinking about what I was going to do started to give me serious butterflies. I re-did all the drills in my head, I tried to remember everything I'd been told yesterday, I realised there was a *shitload* of stuff to remember. GO - 1,000 - 2,000 - 3,000 - 4,000 - check canopy - malfunction - look, locate, peel, pull, punch ..... by 11:00 I has a serious case of the jitters. Sitting around with nothing to do was not helping matters. We went to the burger stall - and I had another breakfast in a bun. This settled the jitters a little, but I was now dying to go to the loo every 5 minutes. I was scared. I'm not scared of too much in life, so this was kind of new to me.
12 o'clock came and our instructor has bad news. He's got the weather forecast from the bureau, and the weather is gonna be "pants all day" there was a good chance no-one will jump. We have a little chat amongst ourselves and decide to call it a day, and postpone the jump to the next couple weeks. I'm disappointed and relieved all in one! We arrange to check the weather and plan when during this week.

I'll post about the jump when I finally complete it ... till then ... health and happiness!

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