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whinge and moan. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
whinge and moan.
It's been a bit of a mixed week.

Work was insane - a mix of the project getting worse (which I was sure wasn't possible) due mainly to dodgy office politics and bd4/5 in the middle. What made that worse this month was the lack of Sean... who usually co-ordinates the whole process and does the Life feed. This month there was not so much co-ordination and I had to do the Life feed... so it soul be this month that there were about 8 new fund launches and a bunch of new life clients. I was in work more than an hour early two mornings on the trot... that is how bad things are - I *NEVER* get in early! Friday night I was in work with my guv'nor till 9:30 trying to get ready for our visit to the Lux office Monday morning. This will mean a 05:00 start which I'm looking forward to like a kick in the bollocks.

But enough moaning about work. Wednesday night I took a much needed time-out and took S to the cinema. We saw "The Illusionist" which I though was a good film no matter what the critics say. It was a little slow to start but it's well filmed and a little unusual. S managed to make it home without a visit to A&E so that has to be a good night?

Friday night I had a call from Misty. We talked about the differences between the sexes. Who knew I was a typical man?

Yesterday I did almost absolutely nothing! A single load of laundry, plus cooking me a breakfast. I spent a lot of the day in bed reading Thud. (Pterry) Truth be told I read the entire book, in bed, in the one day.

I managed to fit in a bit of TV (a couple episodes of Spooks) before going back to bed.

Today has been a little more busy. I woke late (due to staying up late to watch the spooks episodes last night) and got another lot of laundry done - which means I can wear clothes to work this week! I also ironed clothes for tomorrow for the early start. I then visited the 'rents before meeting Misty for noodles and a Piano/cello recital/gig thing. The first "half" was a bit dry but the second half was much better. I managed to carry Misty's cake pans all the way into London - then all the way home again. I was most pissed off and felt not just a little bit silly.

I've noticed something strange about people waiting for the tube. (well - something else strange) People will stand in a spot waiting for the train to arrive... but when it does they will walk up the platform in the same direction as the train until the train comes to a stop. I find this fascinating and extremely annoying! I stand in the same spot every morning... it's exactly in line with where a door will stop. I hate people walking up the platform knocking into me because they can't just stand and wait for the damn train to stop to work out where the nearest door is.

And now I will go to bed and try to fall asleep... alarm due in 5 hours and 37 minutes...

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