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Chuffed to Mint Balls

What the hell does that mean?  I have no idea.

Friday was fantastic.  People turned up!  Lots of people I hadn't seen for way too long.  They enjoyed themselves.  I enjoyed myself.  I even got my deposit back!  People gave me their email addresses so when I organise the next one they were sure to get an invite.  On the way home I was walking on air! :)

I have some photos (although not as many as I thought) and I will be putting them online somewhere as soon as I can find my cable for the camera.

I did get very merry on Friday night.  I bought a couple drinks at the beginning of it all - but then almost everyone tried to get me a drink back.. and there were about 40 people turn up.  Even I can't manage that!  I think the constant flow of new drinks meant I drank a fair bit more than I was planning to - so as a consequence Saturday was a bit of a write-off.  I woke at 8:00 (damn the alarm) but went straight back to bed and stayed there until about 2!

Even then I was feeling pretty shitty.  I grabbed a little breakfast and a litre of water and sat down to wow. (Yes wow is a verb now)  I was about 1k of XP from level 39... the plan was to get to 40 by the end of the day and get my mount.  I met up with G in Stranglethorn Vale and got through the various beast mastery quests.  By early evening we'd done all the quests we were able to do and I'd got just over half way to 40!

G retired for the day and I joined a few others for a trip to the Scarlet Monastery.  After completely the Library in record time, and a slower traipse through the cathedral I was down to 3k of XP for my next level.  It was about 1 and the guildies were dropping off fast - so I headed back to STV and went big game hunting.  Giant raptors was what I needed, about 100 of them!  It was about 2:00 when I got all I needed and reached the magic 40!

I headed back to Stormwind to the Cathedral of Light where I found the quest to get my Warhorse.  The quest? Speak to the guy who gave me the quest.  I didn't even have to walk across the room... the easiest quest I've ever been given!

Sunday I woke a little earlier than Saturday and started on some laundry.  Then it was off to Mum's for dinner and chats.  I stayed there until about 10:00... when I realised I'd have to dry the bed clothes in the washing machine before I could get to bed.  I'm sure there's more than one set of sheets for the bed, but I can't find them!

I had lots of kitty love last night for about the third night in a row... Max, Scarlet, and Mr Twinks scattered about the duvet.  This is a sure sign it's getting cold out.
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