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I Aint'nt Dead

busy busy busy

Things have been afoot.

There has been a whole host of work crap I just can't be bothered to get into right now.

I watch the entire super extended Lord of the Rings with Jim and my Dad last weekend.  It took all day - really all day.  We ordered in pizza and drank beer - it was very manly.

I haven't slept more than about 3 continuous hours in the last 4 or so weeks... maybe more now.  I need to make an appointment to see the doctor.

The only time I sleep well is just after the alarm goes off.

Tonight I am going to a work reunion.  A reunion I have organised.  I hope people turn up!

If the people who said they would come actually turn up (it is pissing down outside at this very moment) it should be a damn good evening.

I'm going to Wales just after Christmas.  I'm really excited.

This has been a bit of a one sentencey post.

I don't really care :p
Tags: reunion, wales

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