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Remember Remember...

I had a great weekend.

On Saturday I got lots of chores done early - and that feels good! Saturday evening I went to see Les Misérables. I have to thank Gareth for the ticket, and have to tip my hat to his dad who it was bought for but couldn't make it.

It was fantastic and I was a good boy and refrained from singing along for the most part. All my favourite parts were played expertly - there wasn't a single thing to fault with the whole performance.

When I got home I logged onto wow for a quick one and logged off again about 3 or so in the morning. :)

Sunday I woke up late... it was nothing to do with mum ringing after midday to see if I was coming round for lunch - honest! :)

I sat at my computer to check out the forum... and la-la and minxee were both online! It's been ages since I have spoken to them both and in a group it was just like old times - they are both still mad as hatters - (and I love you both dearly! :)) ... and I blame them for keeping me on the PC too long and being late getting to mum's for dinner.

Dinner at mum's was up to it's usual high standard! :)

Jo had spent an obscene amount of dosh on fireworks which I took great delight in lighting. I'm not entirely sure it was good value for money - but we did get a good 35 minutes of oooooh's and aaaaaah's - thanks Jo - you are a star! :)

Sunday evening I came back home and put the last load of washing on and played a lot more wow! Atlena and I ended up on our own in Gnomeland and died way too many times before finally getting the last boss. Most of my equipment was near breaking - my mace had a single point left!

Today was BD4 - please see every other post about BD4/5 on how much I love this time of the month.

Tonight I was a good boy and was back at the gym. 3km in 15 minutes on the bike then a long walk (4.5km in 45 minutes) followed rather recklessly by a 5 minute run! I am sure to feel that tomorrow!!
Tags: bd4/5, gym, wow

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