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WoW - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
My wife left me on the weekend

Okay - you can get back of the floor now - it wasn't a permanent thing - she was just visiting folk. (nuala is folk)

It meant I could play lots of WoW so I did!  I started about 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, and finished about 3 o'clock Sunday Morning.  I managed to level my Paladin to 20 and get a few runs in the battle grounds.

For those of you not playing WoW - a battleground is where you go to meet the enemy! The game is split into two sides, the Alliance and the Horde.  They don't get along!  In the battleground an even number of Alliance and Horde meet and fight.  There are different objectives (fight over resources, try to capture the flag) but the idea is to kill the enemy.

Of course no-one actually dies... you just spend some time in the graveyard (think of it like a sin-bin) and then go back and try to avenge your "death" by sending the guy who killed you to his graveyard.

Playing against real players is so much different to playing against the machine.  The machine will spread your enemies about so you can pick them off one by one.  Because it is a machine it won't be too upset when you kill it for the 1,000th time.  It won't run and lead you into a trap!

People are cunning... and down-right dirty.  They hide and trap.  They don't stand still and just take it.  I spend a lot of time in the grave yard!

People are also thicker than dirt - usually these people are on my side!  When there are 5 resources, and you need to have the majority of them, and there are just 15 of you, the smart thing (to me) would be to control 3 of these resources, and keep 5 people at each to protect them.  Or perhaps you could keep 4 people at each, and use the 3 spare to roam from resource to resource to back up those who need it.

I appear to be alone in thinking this would be a good strategy... what tends to happen is my team gets control of three resources, and then half of the players assault the 4th resource while the other half assault the 5th.  This leaves the first three resources unprotected... except by me.  I get attacked by 3 or 4 enemy players and get killed.  The enemy takes control of the three resources we used to control and so my whole team raid from resource to resource taking back one at a time.

It depresses me that there are so many dumb people - it depresses me more that they are all on my team.

I also made a lot of gold over the weekend.  Who knew that nuts and bolts were worth anything?  I have started putting everything I pick up in my travels onto the market - and I made about 20 gold over the two days.  This might not seem like a lot - but for a lowly 20 that's more than enough to keep me in weapons and armour!

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thevanster From: thevanster Date: September 19th, 2006 04:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I think you should quit WoW and play FFXI. I tried out WoW a while back and just couldn't get into it, I got to level 32 and just flat out got bored.

FFXI keeps me coming back for more, there's just so much more to do as far as I'm concerned. Unfortuanately, we're just as if not more plagued with chinamen as WoW is, but in FFXI they have their own guilds. It's crazy, I have to compete with them for rare stuff :/
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