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Random Meme

1. What is your main cell phone ring-tone?
PPK Resurrection

2. What is your default LJ icon?
Marvin and Eeyore sat on my desk at work...  a picture of sadness! 

3. What station is your car radio permanently tuned to?
no car = no car radio.  My alarm clock is permanently tunes to BBC Radio 2, and the digital radio channel I always listen to is BBC 6 Music.

4. What is your computer desktop image?
Zooey Deschanel

5. Is there something you wear every single day?
My Wedding Ring, glasses, watch.

6. I wish I had a tracking device on:
Me!  I'd love to see where I was at all times! :)

7. What page does your internet browser open with?
about:blank...  fastest loading page on the intawebs

8. This item never leaves my car/purse:
No car, No purse!  I almost always have my camera in my backpack or my pocket.

9. What TV show do you never miss?
I think I have missed at least one episode of every program I've ever been into.

10. What phrase do you hear yourself repeating too often?
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