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Dirty Stop out

Friday night I met Lena for her leaving drinks.  She wasn't leaving JPM, she left our firm many years back, she was leaving a new firm - but I was invited anyway!

"The Buckle" was there, as was Alex and Maureen who I met at Lena's birthday bash (last year?).  I spent a large part of the night talking to Anthony who is a bit of a nerd and seriously into British Sci-Fi and Music of all sorts.  After we were chucked out of the pub we decided that sufficient alcohol had not yet been consumed and so retired to Lena's flat were we drank more wine out of cups (because all the glasses have been packed.)

I caught the (second/third) train home Saturday morning... getting in just in time to head out again!  Misty and I met Dora and Andrew at Victoria Station.  We headed of to Rochester to do touristy stuff.  The castle there has been around in one form or another since the Norman invasion and it's current form has walls about 5 metres thick at the base.  Even in it's ruined state it is a damn impressive building.

After an average pub lunch (medium rare my arse!) we wandered around the cathedral.  We were just in time for the Saturday afternoon service - so we got to hear the pipe organ and the choir singing.  The organist was obviously having a lot of fun... there was something vaguely "phantom of the opera" about his playing style.

By about 5 o'clock I was feeling the effects of missing a nights sleep.  On the journey home I could feel myself nodding off.  By the time we got in I was zombie like - I fell asleep on the sofa within minutes.  Misty very wisely sent me to bed.

Sunday morning went by without my help... I woke up about one or two in the afternoon.

I popped in to see the 'rental units for a few hours.  When I got home the day had all but gone.  I did manage to help Misty make some strawberry ice cream before she disappeared to bed and I watched some truly appalling Sci-Fi on the TV.

This morning I awoke feeling totally refreshed.

In other news:
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