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T.F.I. Friday

It's been something of a bits and pieces week.  I have managed to get a couple of fair sized projects completed, but the rest of the week has been two line updates or 3 sentence emails - and that shitz can get old fast!

I have been bitten by many gnats... or one gnat has bitten me many times.  My right arm looks like it may fall off at any time.  If I survive the weekend I may post pictures of it. (the arm - not the gnat)

I have become addicted to the "killer" version of the SuDoKu (click the grid)

We had a pub lunch today to celebrate (belatedly) teya_uk's birthday.  I am pleasantly mellow at the moment.  My calm is at an all week high.

I'm going out to meet "the Supers" this evening... and tomorrow I will be getting up at the arse crack of dawn.

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