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What a scorcher! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
What a scorcher!
It's as hot as a snakes arse in a wagon rut.

Last Friday Ed and BB were celebrating birthdays in the R&T.  As it was also the first game of the cup, they had booked some space in the beer garden behind the pub.  When I got there it was almost impossible to get through the pub - I don't think I've ever seen it so full!  After 20 minutes at the bar I finally had a drink and made it through the masses to the rest of the work crowd.

bradders was on top form.  After telling the Pink One she had lost her boobs, he proceeded to question a couple of our French female colleagues about under arm hygiene.  I'm surprised he left the pub alive.  It was a lesson in "diversity" ... with Bradders proving the point!  A Turkish Muslim, Ukrainian, two Essex Christians, two French, and me (atheist of mixed parentage?)  and not a single argument about faith or nationalism... just sexist comments (not from me!).

Of course - we all cheered when Costa Rica scored their second goal... but that's just friendly sports rivalry isn't it?

I'm reminded of something Moby recently wrote.  "The only thing we don't tolerate is intolerance."  Wouldn't that just be grand?  I like to think that in my immediate circle of friends this is true.

Saturday was the big day... England's first game.  I met my Dad and one of his friends to see the game in the Elm Park... not the most exclusive pub - but there hasn't been a stabbing there for a long time now, and the guy who had his ear bitten off was probably asking for it... probably.  For the most part the patrons were well behaved.  There was a fair amount of cursing, and some idiot with an air horn pushed his luck, but I didn't get covered in beer and left with all my appendages intact, including both ears.

The football was painful.

For more than 90 minutes (if injury time is included) we sat on a single goal lead.  We had some opportunities but failed to capitalise.  They had a couple of good tries, but thankfully never managed to find the back of the net.  The less said about the ref the better!

We popped into Woollies on the way home.  The intention was to get a disposable bbq as the one we bought earlier in the year takes too much fuel to be useful for just the two of us.  Woollies was out - it's that sort of weather at the mo! - but we did see a little portable bbq so got that.

It was too hot to cook in the kitchen, so we fired up our new little grill and cooked outside.  Somehow it seems cooler!  We repeated the process yesterday too.

Saturday evening the washing machine started making very funny noises.  I opened it up and found the belt had snapped and wound itself around the motor.  The funny noises would be the loose end slapping the back and drum of the machine at a very large number of revolutions per minute.  I managed to soak my arse by putting the outflow tube on the floor after I drained (obviously not entirely) a full machine with the aid of a tray and mop bucket.

Sunday I was still feeling mildly plumber-like so I changed the filters on our drinking water tap.  I meant to check the tray under it this morning to ensure there was no leak, but I forgot.  I hope I will not find a flood when I get home tonight.

Last night the light in the kitchen decided it wanted to be a disco light. - It never rains but it pours!

Tonight I play softball for the first time since school... what the hell have I let myself in for?

EDIT: okay - so who forgot to hit post last night? - that would be me! :)

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