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Gadgets make me happy.

I discovered the other day that installing my phone's software on a work laptop (I know - shush - they should never have given me admin rights!) at home might enable me to sync it with my Lotus Notes calendar...  of course my notes id was unable to connect to the server from home!

Getting into work (yesterday) I installed the phone software on to my main machine (I know I know - I told you to shush already) and plugged my phone in.  In moments I had a copy of every meeting I should attend in the next 3 months copied on my phone, including an alarm 30 minutes before I should get there.  I was geeked! :)

As a by product, it also copied my contacts from my phone to my personal address book, and my personal address book to my phone!  At first this seemed to be a bonus, I now have a copy of all my friends mobile numbers safely backed up on my work machine (which is also backed up each time I log out at night)... no more loosing numbers when my phone dies or gets lost.

Fast forward to today.  I am trying to mail out a meeting invite and I include my guv'nor and JAP.  Notes tells me there is no email address for either of them!  I know damn well there is - so I do a little investigating.  Lotus notes would seem to use  your private address book in priority over the work wide server based one.  Because I have both the Guv'nor and JAP in my personal address book - but only populated with mobile numbers (because that's all I had in my phone) notes doesn't like it!  Now I have to specify the global directory every time I add a name.  What a PITA

I was about to delete all the contacts in my private address book (which would have deleted all the contacts on my phone if I ever plugged it in again!) when inspiration struck... can I get my personal address book to treat those work people as notes mail addresses... and I can! :)

It took a little research, and some looking up of domino user names... but now my personal address book contacts act just like the global address book for work related people... and I can still keep my phone and notes calendar synced! :)
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