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Holiday, Hellish day

I'm back... back at work, and back updating.  The two are somehow linked! :)

I enjoyed my week off.  It was most relaxing.  I enjoyed the days we had in Cork.  Those guys as laid back as I am!  We walked about a lot, I drank a few pints of the black stuff and a few more pints of anything local I could get my hands on.  The hotel was great, the food was fantastic, all in all it was a damn good break.

Whilst in Cork we bought an acrylic from a street artist... I think that is the best souvenir we could have got.  When I get my shitz sorted I'll hang it in the front room... it appears to go well with the current décor.

The journey to and from Cork was without a doubt the worse flights I have ever been on - and there has been some stiff competition!  easyjet are the cheapest carrier for a reason!

We managed to catch a couple films last week.  X-Men: The Last Stand (3/5) and The Da Vinci Code (2/5).  The latter being a bit of a disappointment compared to the book and all the hype.  I find it hard to see what all the fuss was about... it's not like the premise behind the film is new!

The X-Men film was as expected... nowhere near as good as the first one, but it didn't stink either.

Misty got herself a new phone and contract.  She has been getting all the good gadgets of late.  I feel a bout of gadget envy just writing about it.

Yesterday I spent a large part of the day ironing.  I was a good house-husband and finished all my chores.  I was suckered into staying up far too late because I noticed Kelly's Heroes was on - and I love that film.  Every time I see Donald Sutherland portraying Oddball with his "negative waves" lines it kills me.  I was cackling out loud and freaked the cats out a couple of times.

World cup fever is approaching fast... we managed to catch the England game in the Elm Park Hotel last Saturday.  The patrons we well behaved for the most part, and the game was a delight to watch... at least at the beginning.  Towards full time it was a bit embarrassing, 6-0 is a real white wash.  This coming Saturday we shall be batch in the Elm Park hoping for the same result, if not the same score.

Today has been a total farce.  The data I need to create the feeds that are due to be sent today is not available yet.  I have started damage limitation already - I'm waiting for the fall out now.  It does mean that I will be able to leave on time today - but this in turn means tomorrow will be a bastard from the start.
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