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In other news...

I almost forgot this, but the other night Misty and I nearly got divorced.  She found out I was having an affair with "an older woman."

Luckily she woke up in time... so I'm still married - in this world and the others!

When questioned about it (!) I had a quick think.  "Must have been Seb," I said... and got a frosty response.  "Well - she's the only plausible one in finance who's older than me!" I added...  (I was wrong - there are a couple and now I'm not sure if Seb is just older or just younger than me.)

"Who said she was someone you work with?" Misty asks.

Which is a damn good point!

It's just the way my brain works... In this alternate (non) reality where I have an affair it will be with someone I work with - they are the only people I meet and get to know enough to even consider the possibility (in this (non)reality.)

So from almost divorce in Misty's dream to almost divorce in reality in the duration of a conversation... well - not really (I hope!)
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