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The Paranoid Android
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FA Cup
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Okay - now that's out of the way.

My wife did eventually turn up on Saturday! ;)  She was a little hung over and very tired.  We met up for brunch in the Elm Park Café.  There is nothing like a plate of grease to easy your hangover.

We shopped a little and Misty had a nap while I watched the game.  Oh my - what a game! I'm not really a football fan, and if pressed I'll say I support Dagenham & Redbridge because they are my local team... but my Dad is a big Liverpool supporter, so I wanted them to win.

The early part of the game was not good for Liverpool.  Sloppy passing turned into an own goal followed shortly by a keeper mistake resulting in a second goal.  Liverpool's first goal was disallowed (a slightly suspect off side) so fate looked to be firmly on West Ham's side.

Liverpool are not the kind of side to admit defeat!  Just moments after the disallowed goal a similar move gave them their first goal.  The score at half time 2:1 to West Ham.

The second half started badly for Liverpool.  Within moments West ham had set up a brilliant move that looked sure to put an end to Liverpool's hopes twice in as many seconds, but Reina redeemed himself with two saves.  It wasn't long until a free kick gave Gerrard the chance to power the ball into the net to make it level.

The game seemed to be turning Liverpool's way when West Ham scored again.  A deep cross managed to fool Reina as much as the West Ham forwards and found the back of the net.  Fate was definitely favouring West Ham it seemed.

As the minutes ticked away it looked like West Ham had it.  At the 90 minute mark the fourth official showed 4 minutes of injury time to be played just as Gerrard rocketed the ball home for a second time.

I had been unable to sit down for most of the second half.  I had been trying to keep quiet because I knew Misty was sleeping - but I yelled when Liverpool equalised for the second time.

Full time came and it was still 3:3

Extra time was painful to watch.  Most of the players had been on the pitch for 90 minutes already and were feeling it.  There were times when as many as three or four of the players would be lying on the floor either knackered or cramped.  There were a couple of close calls - you had to feel for Harewood who faced an open goal, but due to injury was unable to hit the ball on target.  The score remained 3:3 after extra time.

The cruellest way to loose a football match has to be by penalty shoot-out.  Five shots each team before sudden death - the weight of possible failure hanging on each player in turn.

Reina more than made up for his previous transgressions with three saves - Liverpool won 3-1 on penalties.

It was the best cup final I have ever watched.  It may have been better (for my health at least) as a neutral, I'm glad I wasn't a West Ham fan (they are my local premiership side!) - they were so close.

Saturday evening Misty and I played.  We started with Cluedo  (which is not very good with just two players!) and then had a few games of Backgammon.

I did a fair amount of ironing on Sunday... enough to make a dent in the never ending pile!  I need to tackle it some more before next weekend or I will never get it finished again!

We noticed a lump on Sam's back yesterday... which will mean a trip to the vet tomorrow.

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nuala From: nuala Date: May 16th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Andrew's a West Ham fan (seeing as his Nan lives over in Upton Park and all). Tell ya what. They put up a pretty good fight, though.

Hope Sam's doing better. *kitty snuggles*

PS I'm stealing your wife on Saturday. SHE'S MY WIFE NOW! ;-)
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 16th, 2006 02:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
It must have been hard for the West Ham fans... so close after being the under-dogs!

You can borrow my wife, but I want her back okay?
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