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tap tap tap - is this microphone working? - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
tap tap tap - is this microphone working?
Yet another post beginning "it's been a while hasn't it?"

Weekend before last I went to see Depeche Mode in concert at the Wembley Arena. OMG, wow, yay, and other three letter combinations. I had never been to a concert where *everyone* knew *every* word to *every* song. It was a real crowd participation event... and the Mode are damn good live!

They played a good mixture of old stuff and new. Martin Gore did his little bit in the middle (dressed in a skirt with black "angel" wings!) and Dave Gahan was sufficiently undress for most of the gig to keep Misty drooling all the way home! He's a needy bastard but the crowd loved it. I sang myself hoarse and I had that walking on air feeling when we left.

I was a bit surprised to find DM's new album wasn't on my iPod (as I know I've been listening to it recently) then found I'd ripped the CD to my work machine! Lack of a home PC has stopped my updating the songs on my iPod for the last few weeks... 18 gig of music should last a couple weeks right?

The Monday following the gig was holiday. I'm glad I had this foresight because we had a hell of a job getting home... ending in a £70+ cab fare. All in I still think it was worth it. I am sorely tempted to get tickets for the open air gig in June.

The working week that followed is pretty much event less. (More of the) same shit - different day. Last weekend Misty and I were expecting a delivery from B&Q - and decided to survey our estate... or browse the front garden if you will. This led to a major weeding exercise and now the front garden looks almost cared for. A quick cut of the grass and it might look respectable. I also planted the strawberry plants we got the week before. Not a bad days work really.

Sunday I got up early(ier than usual that is) and found Misty preparing to go out. TOJ was being a wuss and needed a "date" to go to a christening. After a call from Jo I decided to go see Jim rehearse. The other band members are exactly as described... it was good fun watching them. I came back to the 'rents and spent the rest of the afternoon (and a fair chunk of the evening) catching up with them.

Yesterday Misty and I saw Fiona Apple play at the Victoria Apollo. She's a quirky little thing - definitely a sandwich short of a picnic, but has a fantastic voice. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I enjoyed the evening a lot... even thought it was uncomfortably hot in the theatre and we were surrounded by whooping idiots... so that must count for quite a bit really.

Today I am "working from home." The engineer from the gas company has been and checked out our boiler. Some water (caustic water at that) had been leaking out of the exhaust and has corroded the top of the boiler a little. He was surprise the boiler was in that state in such a short time... whereas I am not as the guys who installed it were a bunch of mavericks.

Working from home has it's good points and bad points. On the one hand I can listen to music and drink nice tea. I can update LJ without a boss type standing over my shoulder and complain about me "always being on the internet." On the other hand I have to deal with "AnyTimeAnyWhere" which is a crock and has dumped me out at least a half dozen times today already - and locked my token account twice.

Oh well - back to writing procedure guides.

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paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: April 12th, 2006 06:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Happy travels ! :) See you in 12 hours or so.
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