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The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
TFI Friday.
Last night was the worst happy hour in the history of happy hours.

As I moaned about previously - the number and duration of happy hours has been cut back.  Last night the drinks ran out about 6:30... a full hour before it was scheduled to finish.  What a crock.

Quite a few of us wandered over to the Rack where quite a few pints were consumed.  I managed to drink the place dry of Cocker Hook (a fine pale ale) although I believe I may have had some help. 

I was dragged to Digress just before 11 where I met a strange Canadian lass called Lisa who told me she was a head hunter.  "Ah," I said, "a vulture..." and she threw a verbal fit.  Some people are too touchy.  She also managed to pronounce Newfoundland in a single syllable.

We were thrown out about midnight... The Colonel, Big Ade, Bradders and I getting the fast train to Romford with just seconds to spare.  There was an altercation on the train when a guy got a little saucy with The Colonel and Big Ade fair bit his head off.  It's about the only time I've seen Ade angry - it was quite scary.

The Colonel had to get a connecting train at Romford so Bradders and I waited with her.  Bradders had a "verbal thought" wondering if the woman in from of us was in fact a man.  Needless to say she wasn't entirely flattered.  It's always an interesting night out with Bradders!

As I left the station I saw my bus coming.  A quick (for my state at the time) dash to the bus stop where I bumped back into Big Ade!  The fact the bus was a single decker was of much confusion for him... he ended up getting on it even though it wouldn't take him all the way home!

This morning I felt really rough... and it hasn't really improved much.  My lunch made me feel queasy - and I've got a pounding headache.

Today is Bradders birthday... and JAP's... and the new girl's... holiday babies me thinks!  Yesterday was "The kid" Bolton's.  He still doesn't look a day over 15.

Current Mood: sick hungover
Current Music: Björk - Venus As A Boy

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