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Normal service will be resumed...

I've been so busy trying to be clever or controversial that I have neglected the actual journalling part...

my bad

As some of you may have guessed, and I have hinted at in a recent Subject, my Guv'nor is away on holiday this week. Last week he was away on business. That's two whole weeks of not having anyone look over my shoulder to check I'm working.

Have I abused this? Of course! I will say in my defence I have got a lot of work done. I have spent a lot of time "fighting fires" as it would be this week that our GL decides to break! I have managed to prove beyond doubt that it is not human error on our part - the support team just need to be convinced it is not "working as intended" which is an expression I see far too much of lately.

This weekend we are hosting the first (of many?) games nights. This time it'll probably be Trivial Pursuit (at least to start) and may develop into other stuff if we have time. Misty and I have planned to do this for a while... you know when you get games for Christmas and everyone is excited and you maybe get to play the once and then it gets stuck in a cupboard never to see the light of day again... until perhaps next Christmas.  That's us and games.  This makes me sad.

The problem has always been participants. Misty and I very rarely "entertain" at home. We have the occasional party for special occasions - but there are too many participants then! Just the two of us playing trivial pursuits would get old fast, plus Misty would win all the time, so I need a few participants - preferably ones that are not as smart as me!

Asking a bunch of friends around seemed... I don't know... desperate? needy? sad? So the status quo'ed. Until I thought to myself buggerit and sent a mail to a few friends at work. Once this was set in motion it became unstoppable. People found out - and no one (yet) has told me they thought it sad! Why the hell didn't I do this before?  If this is a success I'm sure we'll be doing this again - hopefully some time before next year! :)

Other interesting developments in "household droid" - I receive a piece of junk mail from my phone/broadband supplier telling me I could add cable TV to my account for just £11 a month.  As the 60 odd channels digital supply are full of crap or repeats of late I considered it and spoke to Misty.  She too thought it was worth some investigation so I called the cable company.  A transcript of the call would go something like this.

Me : I've read your junk mail - I'm interested in the offer of cable TV for £11 a month
Cable guy: You have an account with us?
Me: Yeah, here's my details
Cable Guy: Phone *and* broadband? I can add Cable TV for an extra £2.50
Me: (suspicious) What channels does that come with?
Cable Guy: Lists off any channel I'd be interested in plus a couple more
Me: That sounds  good - I'll have it
Misty: What extra did he get you to buy?
Me: You won't believe it...

I believe that to be a bit of a bargain.  I'll be able to watch Sky One (Two, Three, et al) and the Discovery channels!

In other news - Misty's first public performance was last night!  Go congratulate her - I'm proud.
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