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OMG it can't be Monday already? - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
OMG it can't be Monday already?
Another weekend has flown past.  There's not a single thing I could write about why the weekend was good... instead I'll wax lyrical about the state of the world with weekend incidentals.

Friday night was originally going to be a Big Night Out... everyone was to be there... except when you actually asked anyone they wasn't going to be there.

Misty was originally going to join us... but found someone who was actually going out instead.  I worked (stayed in work) until about 7:30 trying to get the GL team to fix a problem...

Friday night I watched some quality TV.  It rare for me to watch TV at all recently... I'll watch a DVD or I'll play on the Xbox - but actual TV is a no go.  Tuesday nights are good - two episodes of CSI (in one of it's guises) then a Law and Order make for 3 hours of good TV - except most Tuesday I go to the pub and by the time I get home I've missed one of the CSI's and am not in the right frame of mind for the others.

Friday started with 8 out of 10 Cats... a "subversive" look at polls and public opinion with guest stars including Christian Slater and Johnny Vegas.  I'm not sure either one could understand the other - but it was a very funny show.

Next: "My Name is Earl" - which I find funny but I don't know why.

This was followed by Bill Bailey Live - Part Troll which was very funny.  The guy is a comic genius - everyone should watch this!

Saturday was spent doing bugger all.  Misty was originally going out Saturday night so I would have watched some Sci-Fi and probably played WoW... but she decided to stay in so we watched other stuff and I didn't get to see the laptop much.

What we did see was Lord of War.  This film pulls no punches from the opening credits.  It's an inside view of the gun (running) trade.  The viewer follows the life of a guy who ends up being the largest arms salesperson in the world.  Nicholas Cage does a good job in walking the line between charismatic and of his trolley.  This film has a message (even the pre film "adverts" showed the amnesty international QVC spoof) - and I believe it should be required viewing.

We also watched Garden State for a little light relief.  I enjoyed this film - but I'm not sure about Misty who spent half of it talking to person(s) online and the other half in the kitchen.  This is a little bizarre as this is a "Misty Film."

Sunday was "chore day," but not until we went for a walk.  We chose (or I pointed) to walk in the field opposite us.  We walked past the football games to the end of the field, then around the fishing lake to arrive back where we started.  It was a beautiful day and the surrounds could have been as beautiful if it wasn't for the litter and graffiti and inconsiderate bastards with mini bikes and quads.

I used to fish in the lake with my Dad when I was younger.  There were always a couple of idiots about - but mostly it was good people wanting a quiet day out.  Walking past the lake now you see the evidence of small fires and beer cans scattered about the place.  There are bottles and bags floating in the lake.  There were a couple of tents there - night fishing was not allowed (and still isn't as far as I know).  The one thing missing from the time I used to fish - the bailiffs who would ensure you'd paid, had a licence and wasn't starting fires, getting drunk or night fishing.

On a side note - it is now legal to fish all year round on "still waters."  WTF?  How can this be good for the fish?  Yet another crap decision made with an eye on profit.

Walking back we were almost run down by a couple of small kids on mini bikes (slight exaggeration) and then almost run down again by a small girl with an adult riding a full size quad (no exaggeration).  It got me wondering how people don't realise how what they are doing spoils things for everyone else.  it got me thinking about what I could do (legally) to stop these people - and came to the answer very little.

The fields and lake are privately owned.  If the owners of the lake can't be bothered to ensure there are no people messing up its lake - how could anything I do stop that?  I could take to wearing a cape and mask and trying to beat the crap out of every one who litters... but the law doesn't like vigilantes any more (probably a lot less) than the people messing up the lake or trying to run down others.  You put this together with the gun running from the previous evening and the world looks to be in a real mess.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing chores.  I cleaned downstairs (I even moved the furniture to vacuum underneath) and did the ironing.  Misty tackled the "office" and cooked dinner.  Neither of us were finished much before bed time.  The house does look a lot better - we wont feel embarrassed having people over next weekend.

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