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Misty and I had a very nice dinner last night in Soho.  The restaurant was small, not particularly expensive, and the food was divine.  A good evening was had by all!

I spent about an hour yesterday setting up a custom mood theme.  I present you with K-9! K-9

I'm supposed to be really busy in work this week... but I can't get my arse in gear.  It doesn't help that I got very little sleep last night - I think misty wasn't feeling well so she kept nudging me away... unfortunately Misty's preferred sleeping position is the middle of the bed - so more than once I ended up on the edge with very little in the way of blankets.

I got season 4 of "The Simpsons" yesterday from my wife as a VD gift.  I gotta love her for that :)  That makes four seasons so far, just n more to get now!

Work's internet connection is playing up again today.  We'll see just how long it takes me to post this...
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