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Crappy internet access.

At work I have access to the internet.  This is responsible for keeping me sane for the last 10 years.  There would be no way I would have stayed in this job without frequent fast access to the "Intar-web."

Today the internet connection is sucking arse.  The powers that be are slowly destroying the internet by denying access to various pages.  The reasons used are bizarre to say the least.

I can understand them not wanting us to access site of dubious content.  Porn, racism, hacking sites referenced from a work PC might end in litigation with the company in question liable.

What I can't understand is limits to web mail sites.  I am no longer allowed to read my personal mail from work... at least not any of the established web mail sites.  I can access *my* website, which has access to my mail, but not gmail, hotmail or any like it.

They have cut off access to myspace (not that I want to spend much time there) because it is a "Dating" site.  huh?  Dating is now banned by my company.  If you want to date you'll have to do it at home!  I guess having a partner means people will want to leave on time, and that has to be bad for business.

Today every site, no make that page, I visit is being scanned for security... so paying my credit card bill on-line took 35 minutes instead of the usual 5.  How long does it take to scan a page of text anyway?  If the virus scanner on this PC took as long to scan as the web access, it would take a year to finish scanning the hard drive. 

If the company is really that uptight about letting people access the internet why the hell is it given to everyone?  There are probably a dozen people who truly require access for business purposes, the rest of us use it for information and personal use.

Happy Valentines day to those who celebrate it.

Happy Tuesday to those who don't.
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