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Monday, Bloody Monday

Another quiet weekend.

Misty and I bought seeds and trays to sow them in. Is this another step in being a grown-up?

Misty was out Saturday evening so I watched a couple of "boys films" and messed about on the laptop. I felt a little peckish, but my trip into the kitchen ended with me making experimental cocktails. Luckily Misty came home early with Chinese, or it could have got messy.

We fell asleep in the front room and didn't make it up to bed until gone 4. Needless to say I did not see any more of Sunday morning!

Sunday I visited the 'rents. Misty and I tend to use them as sub post office (sorry mum!), and I had a couple of Valentines presents for her there, and it turns out she had one there for me too! I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but we ended up opening them when I got back home.

I've seen this from a few of you, so I set one up for me too...

Please go here and select 5 or 6 adjectives you think might describe me.

There is one for negative traits too... but I'm not sure I want to know about those!

Okay - I set up the negative one too... it's here
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