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What a way to end the week.

I am sitting here at work, waiting for someone else's password to be reset so I can continue a test I need to have done by this evening. Needless to say the chances of someone on the help desk being here past 17:00 on a Friday is pretty damn improbable!

I hate waiting for anything... waiting at home time on a Friday night is almost unbearable.

I was not in work Wednesday and Thursday. I spent most of Wednesday in bed, and a fair part of Thursday reading websites and blogs. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of humans are unworthy of the title.

Ah - I am now told that the testing can wait until Monday... and I'm on the phone to my wife trying to fix a pivot chart without much success.

Thankfully it's Friday. The weekend can only be better.

Update: Misty's pivot is now working - things are already getting better. Time to go home.

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