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Get into the vibe. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Get into the vibe.
I suppose I should update properly... the last few updates have been a little thin in content. I read an interesting article in the Metro this morning... I know - I'm reading the news papers again... but back to the article. A recent survey found that people who work in finance are least productive on Thursdays. There appears to me more than a little irony blogging about this fact from work.

Last weekend I met up with Lena, Mandy and Dave ("The Supers") plus a few more of Lena's friends for a night out at the Vibe Bar in Brick Lane. Having visited the website before I left, I wasn't expecting it to be a very good night. The website is flashy (no pun intended) and pretentious. When we got there it was well dressed yet casual types who if labels would be required might fall under the bohemian banner more than any other. The music was okay... exceptionally loud in the bar/dance area - but there were plenty of places were normal conversation could be had.

There was no real beer there... but a nice enough bottle of house wine for £11 seems very reasonable for the area, especially for club prices. I was amused a little by the following conversation with the bar staff.

Me: What wines do you have?
Bar staff: Red or White.
Me: Ah... "Red" it is then!

I'm not sure how many of us there were in the end... people came and went throughout the night... but there was a good crowd of nice, intelligent people. My memory is no good at all when it comes to names... but I remember talking to a "couple" of ladies... who I really thought were a couple until one of them mentioned their man at home... and the conversation turned to spouses! There was the other couple - two antipodeans - the male half was outrageously camp and spent a fair part of the night humping walls! It's funny how a gay man can say the most disgusting things and it sounds funny... a straight man saying the same would be wearing drinks. There were the geeky guys who spent the night "on the prowl" but who had no chance of pulling because they were acting like two 15 year olds on their first big night out. Then there was the couple who really was a couple with whom I spent the night talking about the heady subjects of religion and politics and big brother. There were also the usually bizarre conversations with "The Supers" - from unrequited love, living in a box, working from holiday, to boob jobs and child birth - or lack of it.

The "Red" was popular among us - so whoever went to the bar (and queued for 15 minutes) generally got a couple of bottles. By the end of the evening our small table was awash with empty wine bottles.

I'm not entirely sure what time we all decided we needed a curry... but it was late. Brick lane is full of curry houses all vying for your business... so we chose the guy who promised us 10% off! The meal was great... the company likewise... the extra glass of wine completely unnecessary! Lena, Dave, Mandy, and I got a taxi back at about 4 o'clock. E1 to RM12 with 4 stop-offs only £50!

I got how about 4:30... and Misty and Dora were still up! Needless to say Sunday morning was non existent in our house!

I went to visit the rent's in the evening - we had planned on another games evening but due to the late nights and zero chores done it was called off. Perhaps in a couple weeks time?
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