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I hate the beginning of the month

I was working until 21:00 yesterday. I had no lunch break and didn't even get a look at my friends page.

Today has been almost as bad (although I do have enough time to write this quick update.)

I have a new phone! Anyone who may have tried to call me in the last couple days would have had little luck as some thieving toe rag nicked my old phone on the way home Tuesday night.

I was due to renew my contract anyway... so I have only been mildly inconvenienced. I got the Nokia 6680 which is a little bigger than it looks on the website, and a little heavier than my previous one, but it has lots of new toys to play with!

If I have been ignoring you of late - I apologise... I will be normal some time next week :)
Tags: gadgets, work
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