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We fear that we do not know

The BBC asks Are you a digital Citizen? and the masses answer. Unfortunately some of the masses are as keen to prove their hypocrisy as much as their ignorance.

"Blogs are the vulgar baroque flourish on the classical frieze of literary tradition." (or so says "LJ" from Cambridge)
"Blogs are pathetic - suddenly every person on the planet has an opinion that just has to be heard. " (shame he didn't realise the irony of that statement)
"Bloggers are no better than those bloody awful senders of Round Robin Christmans letters. Self centred and arrogant. Greedy for more than 15 minutes of fame." (more irony perhaps?)
to the self righteous and pompous
"It's total hype. As for 'blogging' & 'blogs'? I'm a qualified website designer working in the industry, and I hadn't heard of them till the BBC started getting 'trendy' and using the term!"
to my personal favourite
"I have never blogged. I use a mobile phone for phone calls. If I need to take pictures, I have a perfectly acceptable digital camera. I leave films to the experts. I do not own an MP3 player. Luddite? Possibly. But I have worked in IT for 20 years, and run my own web design company. We concentrate on communication, and leave the toys to the children."

Why feel the need to belittle something you've never tried? I wouldn't call what I write here as "Blogging" as I believe I write this first and foremost for myself, although I know I write with "an audience" in mind. I consider this a journal in the true sense of the world... I record my (mostly inane) trials and tribulations plus occasional thoughts about the world as I see it today.

Occasionally I go back to re-read entries I have written. Sometimes I cringe at the mundane ramblings, sometimes I laugh at profound insights. Mostly I get nostalgic... that has to be the main reason I write - so I remember what has passed with a touch of rose tinting.
Tags: introspection
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