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to sleep perchance to dream...

I have been a silly boy two nights on the trot.

Tuesday night I didn't whinge. I worked late, then went home to do the ironing. My what a good house husband I am! I watched Merlin again... It's a great film.

Misty got home around midnight, but I was not quite ready for bed and ended up staying up till gone 04:00

Last night I met Misty for a cheeky one on the way home from work... that's a beer you dirty minded lot! I gave the garden a much needed water whilst Misty made a fantastic salad. The TV captivated me - I watched Rambo. I had forgotten just how cheesy this film was! Needless to say I watched it to the death. Then I channel surfed but got equally captivated by some bizarre reality TV.

Oh dear - I've just heard there may be a couple more "incidents" on the underground...

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