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Friends reunited, classmates and all that jazz. - The Paranoid Android
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Friends reunited, classmates and all that jazz.
I'm reading Ben Elton's latest offering, Past Mortem. It's a crime/thriller based around the Friends Reunited website with a bunch of hardcore sex and bullying thrown in for good measure.

It's the bits about Friends Reunited and especially the class reunion that got me thinking. I've had a profile up on that site for a while now. I recently went back and changed it to reflect changes in my current situation.

When I first left a profile there I was single, living at home, working in Romford, in a rut. I read a couple of the other profiles and it seemed like many of the people I went to school with were a lot more together than I was.

Now I'm married, got my own mortgage (I'll get the house eventually!), working in the city, and the world is my oyster... and when I updated my profile I wondered if that sounded fake. It was then that I wondered how many of the other profiles are accurate. In school there was always a hierarchy of "coolness." The boy all the girls would hang around, the girl all us boys wished would notice us. Even within small social groups there was a hierarchy. I was the group clown, so managed to escape the bottom of the pile, but would never make it to the top. (Not that I wanted too... that too was a contributing factor)

The book's description of the class reunion brought this all back, and I wondered how much our position in the invisible hierarchy might have changed. Would I still be the jester? I still use humour to hide my discomfort in moments of pressure. I still use jokes to make serious points I know will not go down well with my audience.

Did the class nerds go on to become the scientists they thought they would? Did any of us realise our dreams, or did we all fall into the first job that came along, much like I did?

And the biggest question of all... are any of the bullies I went to school with being tracked down by a psychopathic killer intent on revenge?

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