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House sitting - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
House sitting
I moved into Matt's on Sunday. He's away for a couple of weeks to some where hot. He asked if I'd mind looking after his garden. He's getting very domesticated in his old age! I got Jo to give me a lift to his house, as I had 2 bags and a PC to take. Of course - one of the bags was full of the cables and stuff for the PC (If it wasn't for my PC - I'd travel quite lightly, - I'd just need the one bag!) I can remember the time when Matt would have had his own PC, but since he's been with the new girlfriend - all that has changed. Perhaps he'll get back to his old ways eventually.

It's nice to be in a place by myself again. I missed the solitude of Schuzzy's place; not having to fight for the bathroom in the mornings, or the peacefulness of when I get home. I am really looking forward to getting my own house.

The parachute jump is now booked - August 11th and 12th. We train on the Saturday, and if the weather is ok - we jump on the Sunday. I must admit to being a little nervous, but I'm also very excited!

I had better get back to work now ... I have a lot to do - and only a little time to do it

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