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Global Transfer Agency

... smells of halibut.

MN (ex boss man and GTA project manager) left for his holidays last Friday. GTA is still not signed off from a Finance point of view (I doubt it's signed off from any point of view.) I have been designated MN's second for the GTA sign off. - Bollocks

Friday night was Kirsten's 21st birthday drinks... I feel so damn old. It was in the Bar & Grill near Smithfields... a relatively poncey bar with the redeeming feature of serving a draft bitter and Guiness. It was a good night. It is worth noting that the Creeb was a sly dog. It is probably not worth noting the Kirsten was out of her tree.

Andy and I walked back to Liverpool Street Station were we met my wife! A pleasant coincidence. We grabbed a dodgy pasty and caught the C2C with seconds to spare.

Saturday started late (due to the excesses of the previous night) and was generally uneventful until Mini Me's wedding reception - the boy's done grown up! He looked pretty damn sharp, his wife "The Bird" looked beautiful. I wonder if she will be upgraded from "The Bird" to "The Missus" now?
The Fish, Galley, Bradders, and the Pink One were all in attendance and a good time was had by all.

Reminder to self - arrange the 4th July party for the 9th.

Bradders was a diamond geezer and gave us a life home.

Sunday Misty planted all the stuff we bought the week before. I tackled the front garden again (which is beginning to look like it). Washing Ironing Feeding and all that stuff was done. The weather was particularly spectacular so I spent an hour sat in the garden with the radio and laptop solving sudoku puzzles.

Whilst ironing I managed to watch Generation Jedi, a fascinating look at my generation and how the Starwars films (may have) effected us. Not entirely to be taken seriously, it was funny and did make some interesting points, not least linking the Thatcherite years to the evil Empire and how New Labour are a bit like the New Starwars films - looked forward to, great on paper, but ultimately unsatisfying.

Work this week is going to be busy. There is a whole bunch of GTA stuff to get through and very little time to do it. that is why I have been typing this out for the last 20 minutes :)
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