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Work is keeping me busy... too busy!

If you know nothing of where I work the following is going to be dull as arseholes to you.

Last week JP Morgan Fleming became JP Morgan Asset Management. JPMF - JPMAM. Last week was also the first week of the month, with a day missing as we had a bank holiday here and the US didn't. Thursday and Friday were particularly hectic. I feed Assets Under Management (AUM) and Revenue figures for the Private Bank clients holding Asset Management funds. I get a bunch of figures from all over Europe and collate them into something resembling order and convert them to dollars (USD) and load them into a variety or archaic systems. This is usually a fairly smooth process providing people remember to send me information. Unfortunately Luxembourg left off some funds from a report which meant I couldn't send an entire feed. It wasn't helped by the fact the Thursday was a bank holiday in Luxembourg (They get about 150 holidays a year... really) and I couldn't get hold of anyone in the states to make a decision.

I also feed the same sort of data (PB AUM and Revenue) from CUTAS (Transfer Agency System (TAS) in Lux) into CPP (some PB system) after adding some extra data to it like "Level 8 codes" (nope - I don't have a clue what a level 8 code is) and SPN. SPN is a client specific code so we can tell if the same client has invested in different parts of the company. My problem with the CPP feed is the lookups are all based on text-narrative-description type fields. No one wants to create lookups based on something sensible like fund codes. I hate lookups based on narrative fields.

Friday was not much better. I have been feeding AUM and Revenue data from the UK TAS (RUFUS) into a MIS(Management information System)/Profitability tool called AMPERE. This data is used to see which parts of the company are profitable. Allocating the various revenues and costs accurately is important if the company is to make the right decisions about which product/clients to concentrate on. I am amazed someone like me is left to make decisions about where certain revenues are to be shown.

A bit of history about the feed into AMPERE is required. Originally the accountant types (LEC's) worked out what revenues were generated by the different funds. Funds of a certain type were allocated to the different "sales arms" All class C funds were assumed to be sold by the Institutional sales Arm, All A class funds were assumed to be sold direct. That sort of madness was about the best you could do with a manually input system.

A few years ago now a "Data Warehouse" (EDW) was created which not only stored all the holdings by all the clients of all the funds, but which also detailed which sales person, and therefore sales arm, made the deal. EDW also stored every transaction made, so we can cost the "loads" (which are just transaction fees) accurately by fund and client and sales arm.

About a year ago we finally created a tool that allowed us to feed this information into AMPERE without the need for the LEC's to spend several days "making up" the figures. This tool was still not entirely accurate, but it was a vast improvement on the original system.

Over the last year it has been my task to get this system to be as accurate as possible but that still allows us to feed the information from the EDW into the AMPERE system by the end of business day 5... just 2-3 days after the data is available in the EDW. There is always a compromise between timeliness and accuracy... and when you consider the people who make the big decisions are not usually worried about the little figures... almost everything they get is in round millions of dollars... sometimes round trillions. If my figures are accurate to the nearest 10,000 the "big bods" can make accurate decisions based on my figures!

During this improvement process some things have become increasing obviously wrong with the original method. It turns out that the C share class funds are vary rarely sold by the Institutional sales arm! People comparing the figures of this month against the same figures last year are starting to ask questions. the answer that "it's more accurate now" doesn't seem to do down that well!

Friday we finally split out some of the third party administered funds from the main RUFUS held funds. Another change in the data that is sure to upset a bunch of people... and the fall out comes back to me. I am dreading the next 10 days when the new data will filter through to all the MIS systems.

After the week of hell that is the first working week of the month the weekend was never so welcomed. Misty was out Friday night, so I spent the evening with the cats playing computer games in the front room whilst listening to the radio. A chill evening that was much needed. Saturday Misty and I shopped around Elm Park. Misty bought a lot of plants. I cut the grass and 3 trees down! I also tried to dig over the earth where the trees were. Not a hope in hell! It was like concrete.

Sunday I visited the 'rental unit's abode. I hadn't seen mum for several weeks so it was nice to catch up. Joanne made some profiter rolls (is that spelt correctly?) which were quite divine. She will have to make more if she ever wants to be invited to another bbq! Sunday evening we bbq our dinner... just the two of us. I made more salad than an entire army could eat. Misty made herb and cheese "biscuits" (the American kind) which are quite fabulous warm, but unfortunately not that great cold the following night... it seems a shame we saved 4 of them.

This week has started the way the last one ended... with more fallout from the AMPERE feed. The recs between what I sent and what is in the ledger were needed yesterday. This has progressed quickly into GTA (new transfer agency system) and GFA (new GL system) work. Testing, documentation, reports, meetings. I am due to start some more BAU (business as usual) tasks - more monthly dross where I'll get fall out from figures I'll have little to no control over.

I have realised I work in an insane jumble of acronyms... or TLA's as we like to call them in the trade. TLA is of course a three letter acronym. What would a four letter acronym be? FLA? Of course not! It's an ETLA... an extended three letter acronym.

On this madness I will get back to these tasks that drove me mad.

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