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Some training at last? - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Some training at last?
Friday was a pleasant evening spent in the company of good people with a nice pint or 5 of ale. It was a shame that it would the last time I'd see one of them (maybe more than 1) as they are off to pastures new.

Misty had just one more than she really should have... so the journey home was a little more interesting than usual. What counts in the end is we made it all the way home without embarrasment of any kind.

Needless to say we didn't get up particularly early on Saturday! Misty had agreed to join me in a nice long walk in preparation of the Caladonian Challenge. We worked out a 7 mile route to Romford and back via Hornchurch. It was virtually a walk around Harrow Lodge Park with a couple detours. Both Misty and I where able to walk okay yesterday - The next walk will be around the 10-15 mile mark. I hope to get at least one 30-35 mile walk in before I try the real thing!

Saturday evening was spent lazing around and watching Dr Who! (both the show and the "after show" show) and Farscape. I never really got into Farscape the first time round - but I'm enjoying it a lot now.

Sunday was chores day. It was beautiful out so I cut the grass and removed some of the dead plants from last year. I also burned stuff... there was a lot of scrap wood in the back garden from laying the floor. I managed to get rid of the lot using the bbq!

Sam joined me in the garden for most of the afternoon. At first she explored timidly - but after a while she was trotting about the place like she owned it. She climbed to the top of the fir tree in our garden, jumping across to the top of the Yakka [sp?] tree next door. Getting her down was proving to be difficult until Misty rattled one of her toys. She was down faster than a speedy thing. This worked well for the rest of the afternoon... every time she disappeared a quick rattle and she'd come running. Mr T. did step outside for a whole 30 seconds making it to the edge of the house before he was spooked and ran back inside.

I did wimp out a bit on the ironing... after finishing Misty's (which was about 3 weeks worth somehow!?) I only managed to iron 2 of my shirts. My back just couldn't cope any more. Misty and I watched a semi-interesting program about the progression (decline?) of "reality TV" from it's early "fly on the wall" documentaries to today's big Brother fests. I can't see how it could get any worse - but then I am almost constantly surprised at how low the "general public" can sink. I wonder if we will ever get back to the freak shows and gladiatorial events?

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: April 11th, 2005 05:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
I know this will have the ring of "The Dodgy Curry" about it, but I really do think it was the cigarettes. I know I drank a ridiculous amount, but I only ever puke if I drink a ridiculous amount and smoke a ridiculous amount. You'd think I'd learn...
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