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We had worked out that it should take perhaps 4 hours to get to… - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
We had worked out that it should take perhaps 4 hours to get to yarmouth in the morning, so to get there at 2 we'd have to set off at 10. This meant an early morning start. As it worked out we made damn good time, and ended up in yarmouth at just gone 11:30. The tide was moving fast, and there was no spare moorings. Just as we passed a couple of boats set off, so we turned around (nearly taking the front of the boat off) and went out to sea again! We moored this time with no problems at all! I'd had a couple calls from Ian and Gary whilst traveling, and a text to say they had arrived in Yarmouth at 11. We were to meet in the white swan. We went in the pub and there was no sign of Ian, or Gary. Ian is not the sort of person you can miss!!
We tried round the back. Still no sign. I got a call from Gary, they had turned the wrong way out of the station, and were miles away! They arrived about an hour later. Gary was in shock. As jokes go - this one worked exactly to plan! We had a few drinks, disappeared into Yarmouth town and bought weapons. Ian then managed to loose every game of cards we played.
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