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A proper update for the weekend.

Friday I worked from home as the floor people couldn't deliver on a Saturday. While slightly inconvenient I saw the positive side of this - we might complete the laying of the floor this weekend as we could start early Saturday! Hindsight is so clear.

The floor arrived about midday - 8 massive packs about 2.4 meters long or if you are metrically challenged: just short of 8 ft. I knocked off early from work(!) and moved the fish tank. If I recall correctly the tank in the living room is a 75 litre one, and with the gravel weighs a tonne. Therefore the fish had to move home into the smaller tank in the kitchen so I could empty the large one. This took the best part of two hours.

Point of note: Elvis is now a fat bastard! He has got so big he doesn't fit in the net. I had to get him out in a pint jug.

After the fish were rehoused and the tank emptied I moved it to the kitchen and refilled it. I didn't want the nice algae dying off and the plants were a bit big to all go in the smaller tank.

By this time Misty had got home from work so we cleaned the living room of all the small stuff. I said I should borrow my Dad's workmate and Misty produced an early valentines present! I now have a workmate of my own. The rest of Friday night was spent assembling it. At first I thought they hadn't provided instructions - but Misty found them printed on part of the cardboard packing.

Saturday we got up early, although not quite as early as planned! We walked to the shops in Elm Park and bought a power Jig saw from Woollies - a bargain at £20! We also bough a whole bunch of other stuff because we always do when we are in Woollies. We headed home to start on the floor...

After checking the floor and calling Dad for some tips it was decided a trip to B&Q for some tools was required. A couple hours (and a Monkey or two) later we were all tooled up... and visit the 'rents for some last minute procrastination. When we got home we ripped up the old carpet and underlay all ready for the Sunday...

Sunday morning (also not quite as early as planned) I started ridding the living room of the last bits of pink... the skirting boards. Some of it was stuck behind radiator pipes and stuck into the concrete floor... it's removal took about 3 hours or so. After a tidy up, more furniture moving, and a final vacuum I was ready to lay some floor. Unfortunately it was now about 1 o'clock and the day was half over.

The first row of boards went down no problem. The second row (the first ones that actually needed to lock together!) were not so easy. The instructions suggested a light tap with a rubber hammer... I was whacking away like a demented person and the damn things would not lock into place. After about an hour of frustration and swearing I finally found the "knack." A slight "lift and flip" and they click into place almost no problem. All that is then require is a slight tap with the hammer at the locked edge. Once armed with this new found knowledge much progress was made quite quickly.

The problem areas were then where non standard cutting was required. The bottom of the stairs was the worse for this and required me drawing freehand semi circles and cutting all but 30 mm from one plank. I was rather proud of the finished effect... I didn't expect it to go quite so smoothly.

Time was still running against me so I called it a night about 9ish. I'm not sure the neighbours would be keen on me sawing and hammering past that. Hopefully I'll finish it off tonight.

This morning I woke up feeling the need to sleep another day or two. My whole body aches and my knees stung in the shower this morning. I was running a little late because I couldn't find anything... and then the water stopped! I remember now (although I didn't then) we was told about this some time ago. This didn't help me shave this morning... so I'm still fuzzy from the weekend.

I got a bunch of roses delivered to work this morning. I'm pretty sure I know who sent them ;)

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