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I ache... therefore I am...

I was stupid last night... I was lying on the sofa watching the TV with Sam asleep on my lap and I fell asleep.

I woke up much later (I was so tired I can't remember what my watch said) cold, stiff and with Sam still sleeping on my lap. She didn't take too kindly to being moved and I stumbled upstairs to bed. I feel like I haven't slept at all and my back hurts like hell.

I read today that AOL has cut off USENET access.

There is an old story about "the September that never ended." It attributes the fall from grace of news groups with the connection of AOL to USENET. Wikipadia tells the story a bit like this. So if AOL really was responsible for the decline of the news group... does this mean that September has finally ended?

I wait patiently for AOL to cut it's connection with the rest of the web... well a man can dream can't he?

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