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Dirty Stop-out

I met some of Misty's co-workers Friday night. They were celebrating promotions/commiserating leavers - that sort of thing. They appear to be a good bunch - they got splendidly drunk (as did I) and we all spoke bollocks for most of the night

We didn't make it home Friday night... In one of those drunken moments where everything seemed like a good idea we were invited to spend the night in Tooting Bec... and did. Coming home Saturday morning in Friday nights clothes minded me of times in the past where I said it would never happen again. Strangely enough I didn't feel too bad...

Saturday was Karen's engagement party. A good night cut a little short as Misty wasn't feeling that great. It was questionable whether Misty would attend at all - I'm glad she did.

Sunday we popped in on the 'rents. We haven't been there for a while (sorry folks!) so it was good to see them. We also had to pick up the ingredients for our "Burns Supper." Haggis, game pie, roast veg, and a rather nice red finishing off with a variety of cheeses and crackers. An excellent meal. We will celebrate burns night again tomorrow in a slightly more traditional (for me) way by having a Scotish ale or three in the Spoons.

The cats have been especially affectionate - perhaps they feel we abandoned them on Friday... I need to take Sam to the vets today to have her stitches out so I'm at home. I should be working now but I am a little sick of writing up reports and plans. I hate documentation. I'll have to finish up after I get back from the vets.

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