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A toast!

To Friday Afternoons...

It has been a tradition for the small company I used to work for to pop into the Pub for a (few) drink(s) on Friday lunchtime. This was a company I worked for almost 15 years ago. Strange thing is: I never left... the company was first swallowed by it's parent which was bought which merged etc etc.

I now work for a large American bank who has a dim view on (lunchtime) drinking... but I still manage to sneak a few good work buddies down to the local watering hole for a sneaky couple on most Fridays.

Today, as I sat in a dark corner with bradders and Mr. R. I saw a few of the Romford crowd sneaking a couple pints. It felt just like the good old days. Now I'm back in work... marginally incapable of performing my duties... but with a warm glowing feeling... just like having pissed my pants.
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