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Plumbers mate.

I wont be doing another picture update in a while...

The main problem was probably the size of the originals... I guess if I scale the images down a tad it wouldn't have taken quite so long to upload them - or to make sure they were all the right way up!

Getting the thumbnails as I liked them - then linking and all that jazz took an age!

The weekend was quite a busy one. On Friday our neighbour called in to ask when we was going to fix our drain. It's been a few weeks now and it has started to smell bad. I promised I'd fix it this past weekend. Saturday - true to my word - I emptied out as much of the water as I could and poured in the acid. If the smell wasn't bad the first time - it was really rank after the acid. The instructions told me to leave it for 4 minutes - but I guessed the block was worse than that so I left it for 12. I then emptied a sink full of hot water to "flush it away." This didn't quite have the desired effect as the block was still very much there - I just got a patio swimming with sulphuric acid.

I flushed a couple more sink fulls of water through to dilute the acid to the point where it wouldn't eat the soles of my boots. I then scooped out all the water from the drain again and racked around with my (gloved!) hand. The gunk that I managed to grab was warm to the touch and smelled bad. The further I grabbed the worse the smell. After I had grabbed as much as I could reach I poured the remainder of the acid down the drain.

After the required 4 minutes and 8 more for the hell of it I "flushed" again. The patio got a second acid treatment. I watered it down again and gave up. The block was obviously further down the pipe. I would need some rods to clear this one.

After a quick shower (I smelled of drain gunk and sulphur - or eggs farts if you ask Misty) Misty and I went into London to Meet Valerie and Tom.

The day out was damn good fun, Valerie was about as mad as ever and Tom is a very funny guy. We started off in Covent Garden and ended up in Colindale for a Chinese buffet and some pool... with a lot of drink along the way!

Sunday we was supposed to go for a lunchtime drink with Jim, but he couldn't make it... so we went to B&Q instead. Always an interesting trip I think we really outdid ourselves this time. intending to get just a set of plumbers rods we ended up spending over £70 on a wide variety of things - from a damn cheap Christmas tree to a bird table. We also mentally spent several thousand pounds of home improvements!

After some trouble getting a cab we finally got home just after 4. Light was fading fast so I donned my smelly jeans from the previous day and unblocked the drain. I'd hate to think what the hell was blocking it - but it smelled dead. We are now proud owners of a drain that drains! I am also the much less proud owner of hands that look like a bare knuckle boxers. Good job Misty was on hand with the savlon!

Yesterday we woke late (no big surprise there) and I decided to make the bird table. The instructions looked pretty straight forward, there was only 6 steps! I think it turned out pretty good in the end though - if it did take a few hours and the cold was starting to numb my hands. With the extra feeders and all the seed we bought the birds should be pretty well fed by spring.

We have managed to loose the top of the mop bucket. I'm not entirely sure how the hell that happens - but we have. I guess we will have to get a new mop bucket. I had to wring the mop out by hand - never a pleasant job, but made less so by the cuts and scrapes on the backs of my hands... so the marigolds had to come out. I'll leave you with that "domestic goddess" image in your minds.

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