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More pain - lots more pain - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
More pain - lots more pain
Last night my team at work went out for a meal, and a few beers of course!

The Oz chose a nice Thai restaurant near Bank... and we met up at the Slug and Lettuce about 45 minutes before... long enough to get a couple of beers in! The meal was fantastic... as there was 6 of us we got two different set meals for 3 and just helped ourselves. We had a couple bottles of a nice South African red and finished the night off with coffee and liqueurs. It was a little steep (about £45 a head) but a most enjoyable night out. I have photos but they are still in the camera - so you'll have to wait till tonight to see.

Getting home turned into a bit of a mare when they had to shut the current off on the central line so trapped passengers could walk along the lines. Luckily I was only "trapped" in a station. After about 15 minutes the power came back on and we continued the journey without event. It was getting a bit tight meeting the last District line train at Mile End.

I was not feeling particularly spritely this morning as I chased Mr Twinks around the house for being a bully. I managed to leave about an hour later than I aught to and didn't get into work until 10:45. I left work again at 11:10 to go play footy. It wasn't until about one o'clock that I actually started working.

Footy wasn't as bad as it was last week... we had 12 playing today... so the game is not quite so fast. Final score 5-4 to the other side with me letting in the final goal... ah well - some weeks you win - some weeks you don't!

My favourite of the "is love" banners going round LJ at the mo.

HHGTTG is love
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is Love

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