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Thanks - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
It was thanksgiving last week. Not being an American I wasn't entirely sure what "we" was being thankful for. Misty informed me of the pilgrims plight at Plymouth, and how the "natives" helped them out. The first thanksgiving was to celebrate surviving the year and having enough supplies for the coming winter months. The natives were invited over and a feast was prepared. Amazing how it all worked out in the end!

I googled thanksgiving and got a surprisingly varied mix of the ideology behind the holiday. The least biased seems to be eHow?- a general information site suggesting how you might teach children the meaning of the holiday. There are several religious sites who didn't mention help from the natives at all, but suggested it was God who provided for the new arrivals. There was one site that suggested it is to give thanks America isn't a socialist nation. Interesting (if slightly crazy) read there...

I know of the harvest festival the Christian church now celebrates in the UK, and how it was a pagan festival before that. I wonder if the two are at all related. It constantly amuses me how most big Christian celebrations are linked to earlier pagan festivals.

Seems to an outsider like me that Thanksgiving is little different to Christmas and Easter; just another excuse for excess. That said; I enjoyed dinner with Misty, Dad, Dora and Bianca.

It was also the week of Exodus Nothing religious about that... although this patch to the EVE system does follow "Second Genesis"... so you might wonder...

I haven't played EVE that much recently. After joining the NightHawks (who are now part of the official FA alliance) I have spent a lot of time moving stuff from my old HQ to my new home... 20 jumps each way... makes for a lot of dullness. I did try and play a little EVE last night - but the new patch doesn't like the laptop and after my third CTD (crash to desktop) I gave up. I'll see if the PC holds up any better.

I must say the new look is fabulous. The communication module is fantastic... you can now talk to just about anyone playing, or anyone in your region, or system, or corp, or alliance. I need to get in and see what the new agent missions are like. I hear tell of wormholes to "dead space" - one way tickets where you have to fight your way through to reap the rewards - no turning back if the going gets too tough!

Apart from Thanksgiving and EVE updates, The main event from last week was a Finance afternoon last Friday. The "Management" ran through the latest figures, projections, projects, and such like. After this (quite boring) we had a "Bringing Excellence in People alive!" workshop.

The premise: A bunch of actors pretend to be unPC and we "help them" to become the professionals we already are! Finance (at least the one where I've always worked) has always had a healthy scepticism about the latest Management fads. It's hard to get pumped up about the new Paradigm when you see the bottom line. "Excellence in People" is basic common sense. Role-play in an accounts department is unthinkable. I was serious dreading the workshop.

I was far better than I could have imagined. It was funny. VERY funny. I'm not sure it was supposed to be - but the troupes ("Steps" - no less!) theatrics matched against our cynicism worked so well. I seriously doubt any of the women working in finance would put up with sexism of any sort. They were too hot to handle by "the sexist" in the workshop. The only "racial" tension was whether the "Ozzies" would beat us in the Rugby this weekend (they did). The suggestions for better behaviour were really off the wall at times. We turned what could have been the worst afternoon yet into a Comedy Club Improv Night!

After that the majority of us headed off to the Rack. "The Management" had suggested we keep the evening free for drinks afterwards. Shame none of them turned up to buy us one eh? It didn't matter - we had a quick whip and a few drinks later "The Management" would have been most unwelcome!

The weekend was a busy one. Half the reason being both Misty and I were kinda wrecked on Friday night and we got up very late. We had to get the house in shape for dinner and get the dinner cooked. I got cleaning duties (plus a bit of shopping with Dora) and Misty got cooking duties. We did bloody well all considered.

Mr Twinks (our new family addition) is finally beginning to settle in. He joined our mad house last Saturday - much to his and our two kittens disgust. He spent two days under the bed in the spare room. When he wasn't under the bed he was fighting with either Sam, Jasper or Misty. He was wary around everyone until Friday night - when Dora kicked him out of the spare room (which becomes Dora's room when she's over). He came into our room and climbed up onto my chest and lay down. The trouble is - he looks just like Sam and I was about to rough his head up a little (Sam likes this!) when I noticed he was a little bigger than he should be (he's at least 18 months older than Sam) and had no collar on. This is just as well as he has been known to rip the unwary to shreds!

This bonding was cut short by Sam entering the room - and a cat fight ensued under the bed. I was truly plastered so I slept through it. Saturday morning I was woken by a stabbing pain in my foot. This is not unusual - Jasper likes to eat feet if they dangle out of the covers... but the stabbing pain was a little more intense and didn't diminish any when I dragged my feet under the covers. With blurry eyes I look to the bottom of the bed and see nothing. This confuses my hung over mind as the pain is still readily apparent. I pull back the covers to find Mr Twinks attached to my toes. It would seem he is wiser than Jasper - and knows the feet haven't disappeared - they've just gone under the covers. Mr Twinks got to find out my defence for under cover attacks - he got a swift kick up the arse.

Surprisingly he was still very pal like when I finally got downstairs. Walking with him weaving between my legs and meowing I tried to find out what he wanted. Seems all he wanted was a little attention as neither food, drink, or the promise of a walk outside could quiet him down. I scruffed his head and my hand remained intact. I was marvelling at this sudden breakthrough when Sam came in through the serving hatch (as is her want) and a minor war developed in the kitchen.

His increasing friendliness continued onto Sunday. If Sam and Jasper are nowhere near he is fine. Head scruffs and chin scratches are met with purring and leg rubbing... although he doesn't seem to like back stroking! I hope he can come to terms with the other two (and they can come to terms with him) as he does seem like a very nice cat.

Sunday was a busy day too. I made breakfast whilst washing the dishes from the night before... and oh.my.word. what a lot of dishes! A brief gap for breakfast and it was back to washing up!

After dishes Misty got the laundry out of the tumble-drier and I ironed. Misty is in negotiation with Jo about her coming to clean once a week, with Misty working all week it seems a shame to spend the entire weekend cleaning/washing/ironing.

As it got later - it was apparent that Dora was not keen on travelling home - so she stopped the extra night. We watched the first series of Spaced and some of the second series over the two nights. I will have to see the last few episodes now!

This morning I left (a conscious) Dora still in bed with Mr Twinks! Seems the two are best friends now! :) And now I must get back to the 2in1 bridge project - I fear I have neglected it for too long!

Current Mood: busy busy
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough

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nuala From: nuala Date: November 29th, 2004 05:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
He cuddled me more when I finally woke up and stayed awake. Draped himself across my chest and neck and started up a purr that I'm sure even the neighbors could hear over their bickering. He's an absolute sweetheart when the kits aren't around. That said, I went to give him a goodbye scritch before I left. He was sitting on the steps and Sam was lounging on the floor closer to the front door. When I went to scritch, he didn't exactly hiss, but he made a noise and moved his head quickly away. Did NOT take a swipe, but made it clear that kitty lovin' was not acceptable when the kittens were around. So there ya go. He just needs a little more time.
teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: November 29th, 2004 05:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
We had the same Steps training a few weeks ago, rather amusing I thought
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