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Because my wife asked nicely... - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Because my wife asked nicely...
I'm not sure I can muster an "interesting" update - but here is an update never the less...

Friday night was good. JT (ommoht) left work and, with no small measure of controversy, chose Digress as his final venue for a work night out. Personally I'd rather be castrated with a blunt and rusty blade than spend time in that hole... so the big "Friday night out" was off to a rocky start. As it was his leaving night I could hardly try and organise a splinter group down the Rack could I?

As it turns out - I am not alone in my rating of the hole, so there were a few work people in the Rack for a couple before they went on. Bradley and Whavy kindly witnessed the signing of our wills, even thought that meant they couldn't possibly be beneficiaries. A few drinks (plus a couple more) and the crowd had thinned... most having moved on to wish James bon voyage.

nuala, Misty,and I had just one thing on our minds... food. We took Dora to that nice Italian place behind Liverpool Street that Karen and Paul had shown us a few months back. The music didn't blow up this time round and the hen party (there's always one) was bearable. (What is it with you girls when you are out on a hen do?)

After some of the best damn pizza, a nice Irish liquor coffee, and clips from Live Aid on the big screen, we parted company and Misty and I made our way home.

Misty was squeaking well for the rest of the weekend, almost loosing her voice altogether early on Saturday. We managed to do a little shopping, but completely failed to unblock the drain. I moved a couple more of the fish to the large tank.

We shared our dinner with the cats (or at least Jasper) as you can read in Misty's journal

Sunday I got up to get back to the shops - looking for something to unblock the drain. Unfortunately all the open stores were unable to provide me with what I needed, the only store I knew I could get something was closed.

Misty "christened" the new slow cooker - or crock pot as she likes to call it. I ironed whilst watching DVD's on the laptop. We had a very nice sausage casserole. I played EVE whilst watching Sunday Evening TV. Scrapheap challenge, Top Gear, and later Terminator III. I think our corp. on EVE may be swallowed by a bigger one... and while we may loose some autonomy, I think it will be best over all.

This morning Sam kept me awake with head butts and clawing before pouncing all over the bed at just gone 5. I managed to sleep through Misty getting up and leaving - and was almost very late for work.

The good news is - I don't have to go to Luxembourg tomorrow - I can get up at my usual time instead and get to the whinge club on time.

Current Mood: knackered
Current Music: Gus Gus - Monument

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wan1 From: wan1 Date: November 15th, 2004 11:22 am (UTC) (Link)


Daddy says there's only one way to solve drain problem that doesn't cost an arm etc. (If anyone knows, he does). Marigolds feature in this unsavoury task. As you lower your hand into blocked drain the gloves will, of course, fill with disgusting, smelly, foul water. No matter!! Your hands won't come into contact with indescribable content of the bottom of the drain. Trust me; wiggle your hand about a bit and all will be well with said drain. Have a large plastic container to hand so you can rummage through goo to make sure you haven't lost anything precious through plug hole. We once found one of my earrings in a pile of, well you know what!!! Happy digging!!
How's Misty's sqeak? Hope your're feeling much better, sweetie. Love to you both.
PS Plenty of bleach down drain-hole, to mask smell, will stop you up-chucking!!!!
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