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The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The Park Sick House
I think I may be finally getting over the malady that I've been inflicted with over the past week or so. My head is clearing, and I can finally breathe through my nose. When I finally get rid of this ineffective cough I will feel a whole lot better.

Misty and I went shopping in Romford on Saturday. Not the best of places to be when in top condition - it was like a personal hell feeling under the weather. Misty wanted to get some work uniforms, and give me 101 hints as to what I should get her for Christmas. All I wanted was a warm coat. Looking through Debenhams I found a couple I liked - but at £300 I think I'll pass.

Misty wasn't feeling too good either and was frustrated by the lack of success on the uniform front.

On the way home we bought more fish, a pump and air stone, and some plants for the aquarium in the front room. We had gone into "Wet Pets" in Romford, but they were ridiculously expensive. They did have a lot more variety, but I think I'll wait for us both to be paid before venturing back in that direction.

The pet shop in Elm Park didn't have quite so much variety, but it was more reasonably priced and the owner gives us discounts. We got a few mollies and some guppies and a couple other assorted fish. I took these home while Misty went to the 'rents.

I am not sure the big tank is up to supporting another 9 fish - so most of them went into the smaller tank in the kitchen. I will move them across over then next couple weeks once the tank's eco system has caught up. Reminder to self: take pictures for this journal. Edit: Pictures here

After getting the fish in the tanks I got Jo to give me a lift to the 'rents to join Misty. I had the fireworks left over from the previous Saturday, plus my new router had arrived so the old one was available for Mum to get her wireless connection.

Mum ordered pizza (and lots of it at that!) and Jeff and Dad braved the fine rain to give us a display most praise worthy. Misty, Bianca and I played with sparklers whilst Jo ferried fireworks from the kitchen to the bottom of the garden. Dad was torch (flash light) man, and Jeff the pyro (lighter).

Misty was still feeling bad, and I had almost lost my voice by this time... so we went home soon after for an early night.

Sunday Misty was up early and off to Romford (again!!) I took the opportunity to hog the whole bed for an extra hour or so whilst the cats slept on me. Misty called just before returning home to make sure I was awake... so I was up and dressed by the time she got home.

After some mind numbing telly I sorted out the weeks ironing. There wasn't so much this week as both Misty and I had only worked 3 days... so I managed to catch up on all my shirts... I needn't do any of mine next week if I don't want to ! :) Whilst ironing I watched a couple DVD's on the laptop. How did people survive before technology?

The evening telly was a much better... Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge, Have I Got News For You, plus an interesting program about mob control of the boxing stars of the 50's and 60's and how some of the biggest names in boxing brought that control down.

Misty was up most the night again... and she's forgotten to take her phone with her this morning... she was worried she might loose her job if she was off again today. I wish I knew her work number or her email address...

Current Mood: shitty
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Home

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