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3 weeks in one go - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
3 weeks in one go
I've had to sort some things out in my mind recently - so I haven't been posting all I should. I have already posted about what I had to sort, and the people I want to share that part of my life with will have already seen it, but this is post will be about all the other stuff that's been going on recently.

I guess I should start a couple of weeks back - I was visiting Misty for her birthday. I met her Mom and Dad, plus a couple other family members. It wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be. We stayed at her dad's an extra night because the storms out there where so bad! ... no-one told me *before* I went that NC is the storm capital of the States !! The rest of the week was spent at Misty's. I got to see *the beach* and pretty damn amazing it is too ... we ate far too much, and I got ID'ed *every* time I ordered a beer ! ... I couldn't belive it! I'm 30 for gawdsake ! ... (Makes no mention of the nice young waitress who said I looked 25 cause it might not go down too well with Misty) We went shopping for wires for my MD player - and the mall suffered a blackout ! ... there's always a first time for everything ! There was a couple of big storms ... and one day of torrential rain! ... Misty got soaked thru just walking from the car to her place, the roads were like rivers - it was amazing.
The journey home was uneventful apart from the screaming children. I think they should do adult only flights. This was a ferkin redeye flight ffs! ... how the hell was anyone supposed to get to sleep with 10 screaming children going at full pelt? Altho I didn't manage to sleep for more that 30 minutes - I did manage to read an entire book on the flight home.

My first week back at work was hellish. I'm getting a lot of shitty projects to do - and the general post holiday blues was magnified by the whole "girlfriend 4500 miles away", and I sunk into one of my depressions. My boss left. He is going to bum-it for the summer ... and then maybe get a temp job or something for the winter! ... I hate people like that! Of course I'm only Jealous.

The following Saturday was a meet in London. These are normally good at raising my spirits... as well as a good excuse for a piss up. I don't know why - but I managed to drink enough to turn me green, and I felt so bad I wanted to go home. Not myself by *any* stretch of the imagination ... after a little walk in the fresh air - I felt a bit better - so we went to another pub, where I drank water ... They are a good crowd, and they looked after me. There was no incidents at this meet - no-one was punched - and apart from Minxee's cut foot, there was no blood. I slept all of the way home - which is a bit inconsiderate as I was with Lara at the time ... (she drives to mine - we take the tube into London - driving into London is a stupid idea). I woke up just as we pulled into my station! ... It's the homing instinct! I stayed up late enough to get the SMS's to say everyone was home safe and sound. I definitely think we should have a get together once a month - once every two at the least.

The following week, that would be *last* week now, Misty and I had a little chat about us. And I think I've gotten a hold on the depression thing again. Work is still not helping any, I keep getting shitty tasks that are not only demeaning - but don't actually make sense! .... I had to prove the other day that figures I had produced from the new database was accurate, suggesting that either I made them up - or I don't know how to use the database properly. That can *really* get my irk up! ...
This weekend has been pretty good. Saturday was spent mostly playing with my new CD writer ... (read : installing) and ripping CD's for my ever growing MP3 collection. I went to the cinema Saturday evening with Gareth (no - not you Cham - another Gareth) We saw the Mummy returns, which I'd already seen with Misty, but it's a good film - and worth another watch. I ended up chatting online last night till gone 5 this morning ... so therefore I spent most of today in bed. I woke up about 3, just in time for dinner (my timing is improving!) and then I burnt my first CD. I just went through all my MP3's and picked songs at random in the end (it was *going* to be a ambient CD). When I finished, it sorta ended up a mellow mix, with some unusual stuff on it - and it just *screams* to be sent to Misty - so I will ...
I think I'm up-to-date now ... if I've missed anything seriously noteworthy - I'll post it as a comment! ;)

Now it's about time I went to bed.

Current Mood: content content
Current Music: The Who - Happy Jack

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: June 10th, 2001 04:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
<grins> I'm so flattered that the first cd goes to me, I can't even tell ya. Have I mentioned what a sweet & wonderful man you are, Sir? ;) <smooooooooooooooooches> I love you, Mr. Park.
dissolved_girl From: dissolved_girl Date: June 11th, 2001 01:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
heh and you didn't kiss mah footsies better now did you ;/ but i do owe you a hanky :) and yeah i reckon we should have a regular meet every few months ;p
Parteee at mine in a few months thou can we wait that long??
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